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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Police arrest Camborne man in connection with “Holocaust denial” broadcasts

Police have arrested a Holocaust denier from Camborne because of his anti-semitic broadcasts and social media posts.

Graham Hart, 67, was held for several hours before being released. To date, no charges have been brought. Earlier this year Cornwall Reports detailed how the Cornish Pirates rugby club had stopped playing Hart’s music after complaints about anti-semitism.

According to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism: “A dossier provided by Campaign Against Anti-semitism has led to the arrest by Devon and Cornwall Police of a 67-year-old man from Camborne on Thursday as part of a pre-planned policing operation.

“The man was arrested on suspicion of producing a racist internet radio broadcast that could incite racial hatred under the Public Order Act 1986. He has since been released but remains under investigation pending further enquiries.

“Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Director of Investigations and Enforcement, Stephen Silverman, said: “The ease with which the internet has been harnessed in recent years by extremists as a vehicle for hate speech is a growing cause for alarm. Campaign Against Antisemitism commends Devon and Cornwall Police for its prompt response and diligent handling of this matter, and will be watching developments with interest.”

Hart is a Cornish nationalist whose anti-Jewish sentiments have brought run-ins with the police before. His latest arrest followed a campaign initiated by Penzance councillor Tim Dwelly, who runs a Facebook page called Cornwall Antisemitism Watch.

Hart has been a regular broadcaster on an internet radio station called “Revolution Radio.” A co-host, called Brizer, apparently based in Ireland, has now defended Hart and criticised Mr Dwelly.

Graham Hart's song "Hoax Train" is a clearly anti-semitic expression of Holocaust denial

In a torrid rant of anti-semitism, Brizer claims to know details of the arrest, alleging that eight police officers arrived at Hart’s house before taking him, and his computer and mobile phone, to the police station. Brizer has followed-up his initial claims with a further anti-semitic rant against Mr Dwelly today (Tuesday.)

Devon and Cornwall police have been asked to comment. The 1986 Public Order Act has for many years been the main law available to combat hate speech, but the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act has brought new offences before the courts. It is not immediately clear if Brizer’s social media posts, which are clearly anti-semitic, might be grounds for further police action.

Holocaust denial is a specific crime in 16 European countries, and in Israel, but not in the UK, which relies on more general race and hate laws.

Source: Anne North - Cornwall Reports - 4th June 2019

[Ed.] This article is hysterical in tone, but it is true that that 1986 Public Order Act has been the main weapon to combat free speech in the UK on the spurious grounds of alleged race 'hate'. Conviction under this legislation is virtually inevitable, as someone somewhere is always going to be offended. The 'Campaign against Antisemitism are attempting to further bend the law following the conviction of Alison Chabloz, using the 'malicious communications act', which was modified in 2002 to cover electronic communications. This is with the aim at protecting the dead from defamation - only not the gentile dead.

The truth will out, however hard the apparatchiks of the Media and the State fight to prevent it, as happened after the Chernobyl disaster.

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