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Monday, 26 July 2010

Shocking case of 'anti-semitism' at Hove Crown Court--

Shocking case of 'anti-semitism' at Hove Crown Court---
EDO Judge in Anti-Semitism Row
south west | peace | news report Monday July 26, 2010 13:32 by Harvey - The decommissioners
Judge faces anti-Semitism probe after Brighton campaigners walk free

Reported in today's 'The Argus' by Nigel Freedman a local Brighton rag that about as bad as Bristol Evening Pest.

A top judge is under investigation after being accused of making anti-Semitic comments that could have swayed a jury into acquitting a group of protesters.

Judge George Bathurst-Norman was said by critics to have persuaded a jury to clear a group of campaigners who smashed up a Brighton factory they claimed was making parts for Israeli war planes.

Jewish groups described the judge as acting like the “defence counsel [rather] than the neutral officer of the court.”

He is said to have compared Israel to the Nazi regime and accused the country of ignoring international law while summing up the criminal damage trial.

The judge, added that 'there may be much to be admired' about one Smash EDO protester, and that 'in the last war he would probably have received a George Medal'.

Eight protesters were either cleared last month by the jury or on the directions of the judge of conspiracy to cause £187,000 damage at the EDO MBM plant in Moulsecoomb, Brighton.

They claim the company makes weapons release mechanisms for Israeli F16 fighters which bombed Gaza killing more than 1,000 civilians.

The protesters said they acted lawfully in “decommissioning” the factory to prevent alleged war crimes being committed by Israel.

The Office for Judicial Complaints, which deals with objections over the conduct of judges and magistrates, confirmed that an inquiry into how Judge Bathurst-Norman handled the trial is under way.

The move follows a series of complaints from organisations including the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Chief executive Jon Benjamin said: “The judge's summing up seemed to be more of a character reference for the defendants and an account of the iniquities of Israel and America than a dispassionate appraisal of the evidence.

“Rather than test whether the defence of lawful excuse was available to the accused he appeared more intent on telling the jury why they would be morally wrong not to acquit them.”

The judge told the jury: “It may be as you went through what I can only describe as horrific scenes of devastation to a civilian population, which one would have hoped to have disappeared with the Nazi regime, you may have felt anger, but you must put that emotion aside.”

Jonathan Hoffman, vice-chairman of the Zionist Federation, said: “The judge behaved more like the defence counsel than the neutral officer of the court that he was supposed to be.”

A spokesman for the Office of Judicial Complaints said: “We have received a number of complaints in relation to Judge Bathurst-Norman's summing up.

“Those complaints will be considered under the Judicial Discipline Regulations in the usual way.”

The findings of the investigation will be considered by Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge and Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clark who will decide if the judge should face disciplinary action.

End of newspaper article.

Anyway - if anybody should get a medal or award it should be James. A year and a half is a big chunk out of your life especially when all he did was try - best he could - to stop or at least reduce the suffering of the defenceless children, women and men of Gaza.

Well done James!!!!

UK Indymedia - Corporate Watch: Decommissioners Victorious
EDO Judge in Anti-Semitism Row. 26.07.2010 21:36. Judge faces anti-Semitism probe after Brighton campaigners walk free. Reported in today's 'The Argus' by ...

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust,

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

Oliver Stone.

In the Sunday interview, Stone reportedly said U.S. public opinion was focused on the Holocaust as a result of the "Jewish domination of the media," adding that an upcoming film of him aims to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

"There's a major lobby in the United States," Stone said, adding that "they are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington."

The famed Hollywood director of such films as Platoon and JFK, also said that while "Hitler was a Frankenstein," there was also a "Dr Frankenstein."

"German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed]."

Referring to the alleged influence of the powerful Jewish lobby on U.S. foreign policy, Stone said that Israel had distorted "United States foreign policy for years," adding he felt U.S. policy toward Iran was "horrible."

"Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," Stone said, insisting that Americans did not "know the full story."

Stone's comments to the Sunday times echo pervious remarks by the Hollywood director, regarding what he conceives as the distorted view of figures such as Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin in U.S. media.

Earlier this year, Stone, speaking at the at the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour in Pasadena said that "Hitler is an easy scapegoat throughout history and it's been used cheaply."

"He's the product of a series of actions. It's cause and effect ... People in America don't know the connection between World War I and World War II, Stone said adding that through his documentary work he has been able to "walk in Stalin's shoes and Hitler's shoes to understand their point of view."

"We're going to educate our minds and liberalize them and broaden them. We want to move beyond opinions ... Go into the funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM. Hitler is just a man who could have easily been assassinated," Stone said.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

More on Gold silver manipulation by Banksters

full article:

..... Here is Ed Steer on this:

I'm going to take a few minutes of your time and walk you through the July Bank Participation Report. This report shows how many banks [both U.S. and foreign] are long and short the various markets... plus how many Comex contracts they are long and short. Silver and gold are the two commodities that are of interest here. Here's the link to the July report... with silver and gold being about two thirds of the way down the page... and it's ever so simple to follow... and I mean it.

In silver you will notice that 'X' number of U.S. bullion banks are long 257 Comex contracts and short a whopping 31,803 Comex contracts. As the numbers show... the 257 long contracts represent 0.2% of total Comex silver open interest which is stated here as 118,962 contracts. The 31,803 short contracts represents 26.7% of total open interest.

But what the silver numbers doesn't say is how many U.S. banks hold those positions. The CFTC used to publish them, but once Ted Butler discovered the Bank Participation report and started to write about it, the bullion banks screamed bloody murder, so the CFTC changed the report so that if there are less than 4 U.S. banks holding either a long or short position... the number is not shown. They don't show the number of non-U.S. banks either, because if they did... by the process of subtracting that from the total number of banks involved, you could figure it out all by yourself, dear reader... and we mustn't have that now, must we?

From past historical BPR data, the number of U.S. banks has pretty much always been two... and I see nothing in these numbers that indicate that this has changed. I can also pretty much say that 95% [or more] of that 31,803 Comex contracts held short... is held by JPMorgan... and the other 5% [or less] is most likely held by HSBC USA. So if you subtract 0.2% from 26.7%... you will see that JPMorgan and HSBC are short 26.5% of the entire Comex open interest in silver... and if you take out all the market-neutral spread trades... that shoots the percentage to well over 30% of the Comex silver market that is held short by these two banks. Any questions so far?

Looking at the six [8-2=6] non-U.S. banks' Comex silver positions... they hold 2,284 long positions and 614 short positions... for a net long position of 1,670 Comex contracts. This represents 1.9%-0.5%=1.4% of the total Comex open interest in silver.

Two U.S bullion banks are net short 26.5% of the total Comex open interest in silver... and 6 Non-U.S. banks are net long 1.4% of the total open interest. Who controls the silver price on the Comex, dear reader.

I'll leave gold up to you... which is a couple down from silver. There are 4 U.S. bullion banks here, so they show all the numbers. But even a cursory glance shows that the 4 U.S. bullion banks are net short 137,756 Comex contracts in gold [13.77 million ounces]... which represents 23.8% of the entire gold open interest on the Comex. And I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts, dear reader, that 95% of that 13.77 million ounces is held short by Morgan and HSBC. The 14 non-U.S. bullion banks are net short a whole 6,253 Comex contracts... which is 1.1% of total Comex open interest.

So, once again, 23.8% of the entire Comex open interest in gold is held short by two U.S. banks... the other two banks are virtually immaterial. But 14 non-U.S. banks are net short 1.1% of the total Comex open interest. Who controls the price?

This is a JPMorgan operation from one end to the other. But in all fairness, JPMorgan is only the executioner. They receive the order to swing their axe from either the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury... or both. It's as simple as that. Then the boyz at Morgan pick up the phone, call the other bullion banks, set up the date and time... and then collectively pull the trigger... just like they did yesterday... and July 1st. That's all there is, dear reader... there's no more to it then that.

Message from Estonia


For decades the Estonian people endured the yoke of Communism. But they never stopped believing in themselves or their people, and they created music that reflected their faith. It is our hope this message from Estonia will resonate with their decadent cousins in Western Europe and America . Open this page to see the lyrics below as you watch the video.
YouTube- Ãœhenkoorid - Isamaa ilu hoieldes (X noorte laulupidu 01.07.2

Keeping the Beauty of Fatherland

Keeping the beauty of fatherland.
Fighting against the enemy:
Pay attention, pay attention,
Pay attention, pay attention!

If you believe in yourself,
In opinions of the wise,
In shoulders of the strong,
In mightiness of the elders,
In nimbleness of young men,
In sisters, brothers,
Above all in yourself,
Then you get better life.

If you believe the talk of the wolf,
Fear the yelps of the dogs,
Hear the curses of the masters,
Complains of the underlings,
Bitings of the greedy,
Admonishments of the low ones,
Scolds of the blind,
Then you get nothing.

If you sink into lies,
Stooping into dreams,
On all fours under the order,
Bowing under the rubble,
Then you get fleas in groin,
Itches in your heart,
Halters on your head, bones in your stomach,
Then you go to hell.

If you believe in yourself,
Then you believe in the folk,
In the farms, in the wiseness,
In the teaching, in the rights,
In the birch grove of home place,
In the swallow by the clouds,
Then you get mighty spirit,
Then you get better life.

Suggested additional lines in more realistic mood:

Possibly, probably, probably,
And so some people say,
But fortunes may go up or down,
And riches pass away,
So hurry to the 'Chicken Shack',
Eat up your 'Quarter Pounder',
Ensure you meagre frame expands,
Rounder still and rounder,
And thus adopt each Yankee trait,
Their latest mindless crazes,
Or else you might find out one day,
Your lands been bombed to blazes.

Message from Estonia


For decades the Estonian people endured the yoke of Communism. But they never stopped believing in themselves or their people, and they created music that reflected their faith. It is our hope this message from Estonia will resonate with their decadent cousins in Western Europe and America . Open this page to see the lyrics below as you watch the video.
YouTube- Ãœhenkoorid - Isamaa ilu hoieldes (X noorte laulupidu 01.07.2

Keeping the Beauty of Fatherland

Keeping the beauty of fatherland.
Fighting against the enemy:
Pay attention, pay attention,
Pay attention, pay attention!

If you believe in yourself,
In opinions of the wise,
In shoulders of the strong,
In mightiness of the elders,
In nimbleness of young men,
In sisters, brothers,
Above all in yourself,
Then you get better life.

If you believe the talk of the wolf,
Fear the yelps of the dogs,
Hear the curses of the masters,
Complains of the underlings,
Bitings of the greedy,
Admonishments of the low ones,
Scolds of the blind,
Then you get nothing.

If you sink into lies,
Stooping into dreams,
On all fours under the order,
Bowing under the rubble,
Then you get fleas in groin,
Itches in your heart,
Halters on your head, bones in your stomach,
Then you go to hell.

If you believe in yourself,
Then you believe in the folk,
In the farms, in the wiseness,
In the teaching, in the rights,
In the birch grove of home place,
In the swallow by the clouds,
Then you get mighty spirit,
Then you get better life.

Suggested additional lines in more realistic mood:

Possibly, probably, probably,
And so some people say,
But fortunes may go up or down,
And riches pass away,
So hurry to the 'Chicken Shack',
Eat up your 'Quarter Pounder',
Ensure you meagre frame expands,
Rounder still and rounder,
And thus adopt each Yankee trait,
Their latest mindless crazes,
Or else you might find out one day,
Your lands been bombed to blazes.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010



by Gilad Atzmon

At the moment our history books are sealed and cemented. We cannot engage in
a real study of our most relevant past and we are therefore denied the right
to consider its meaning.

Consequently, we have failed to encompass the real ethical meaning of world
war II and the holocaust in particular. Similarly, we are silenced when it
comes to the events that led towards the 2nd Iraq War. We are supposed to
wait for the current Iraq Inquiry with the almost absurd hope that rabid
Zionist Martin Gilbert will be kind enough to show us the truth.

With history being squashed it is hardly surprising that the same people who
flattened Hamburg, Pforzheim, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki continued to
do the same in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Similarly, the same lobbies that pushed Britain and America to a deadly
confrontation with the Mulsim world are now pushing us to flatten Iran.

To save the world and to bring peace about, we must learn our past and we
must be free to so. Revisionism is the means towards a better future.

Read Gilad Atzmon's article

Monday, 19 July 2010

Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare

Why BP is readying a 'super weapon' to avert escalating Gulf nightmare

by Terrence Aym

In a desperate attempt to stop a huge area of the Gulf ocean floor from possibly rupturing due to subterranean methane gas (leading to a calamity no human has ever seen) BP has ripped a page from science fiction books.

The giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a small nuclear device in a frenzied rush against time to quell a cascading catastrophe. If successful they will have the capability to detonate a controlled fusion generated pulse.

While the world watches BP's attempt to contain the oil gusher at the former Deepwater Horizon site, company officials have given the green light on an astounding plan to use what is known as a nuclear EPFCG charge if all else fails.

Sea floor compromised

Reports still indicate that methane is flooding the Gulf waters at a rate one million times more than normal, and the NOAA research vessel, Thomas Jefferson has reported spotting new fissures. [1]

Last week the science ship stunned some reporters with the revelation that the oceanographic team had discovered and measured a rift in the ocean floor miles from the BP wellhead. The rift was reported to be more than 100 feet long and widening. Oil and methane continues to plume from that rift.

BP has also admitted damage beneath the sea floor. [2]

The Omega plan

Most enterprises—whether business, government, or exploration—have a Plan B to fall back on. To date, BP has attempted Plans B through N. Yet it is the last ditch plan-the Omega plan-that hold the greatest risk. Yet that plan may be the final hope to stop what some insiders now consider a catastrophe that could culminate with a world-killing mass extinction event that modern civilization could not survive.

At a super-secret security base-CFB Suffield-located in southern Alberta, Canada, area reports indicate that high level engineers, physicists and military scientists are feverishly working to complete an ‘explosively pumped flux compression generator’ (EPFCG).

According to published scientific papers [see sources below] an EPFCG generator can be powered by a very small, controlled fusion explosion-in other words, a tiny nuclear bomb.

Why the UK based BP has set up operations at CFB-Suffield is obvious: The company already runs three oil rigs on the base, have worked with Canada’s chemical and biological efforts on and off for almost 40 years, and have strong ties to the Commonwealth’s infrastructure.

The CFB Base, which incorporates DRDC Suffield, is one of six Canadian military
esearch facilities and critical to the security of the country. DRDC Suffield is the lead facility for all of Canada’s engineering and weapons systems R&D.

The EPFCG—a Star Wars super weapon

A device that can only be used once, the EPFCG generates a high power electromagnetic pulse. It achieves this by using a powerful explosive, preferably nuclear. Advanced, nuclear driven EPFCGs can instantaneously create up to billions of amperes and hundreds of terawatts. Such raw power exceeds lighting bolts by huge orders of magnitude.

The pulse can be shaped and directed and used to knock out electronics-or more importantly in this case—to fuse virtually any material—including crumbling rock strata deep under the sea. The fantastically energized pulse can also compress objects to very high pressures and densities. [3]

According to engineers familiar with the technology, the devices can generate plasma arcs hotter than the surface of the sun that will melt and fuse materials in nanoseconds.

A special security force manned by members of AEGIS, a UK based paramilitary security corporation similar to the old US Blackwater Security company, is reported to have cordoned off the base. The security lid has clamped down hard while the engineers and scientists work with the nuclear materials.

BP’s secret Omega Plan kicked off in earnest on July 7th, 2010. According to sources on the base the British Geological Survey (BGS), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), BP and Halliburton have set up a test site at one of the drill rigs.

While the plan would admittedly only be executed if a worst case scenario seemed imminent, some geo-chemists have expressed concerns that detonating an EPFCG in the Gulf might ignite the methane.

Meanwhile the preparations for the test continue in Canada.
. . .

[1] “Methane in Gulf 'astonishingly high'-US scientist”

[2] “BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath the Sea Floor”

[3] Explosively pumped flux compression generator (EPFCG)

Sources: Scientific papers on a ‘super weapon’

"Scientific Collaborations Between Los Alamos and Arzamas-16 Using Explosive-Driven Flux Compression Generators" - PDF

"An Introduction to Explosive Magnetic Flux Compression Generators" - PDF

"Magnetized Target Fusion - An Ultra High Energy Approach in an Unexplored Parameter Space" - PDF

Saturday, 17 July 2010


“Either the Jews will have to adjust to constructive, respectable activities, such as other people are already engaged in, or sooner or later, they will succumb to a crisis of yet inconceivable proportions. For Europe cannot find peace, before it has dealt properly with the Jewish question” - The Man From Linz 1889-1945


Christopher Bollyn May 22, 2010

The looting of much of the wealth of Iceland is one such mega-crime in which we find Israelis involved at the highest level. The First Lady of Iceland, Dorrit Moussaieff, is an Israeli Jew, which adds a significant wrinkle to the whole plot.

The Israeli Dorrit Moussaieff is the "fabulously wealthy socialite wife of the President of Iceland." So why did a "fabulously wealthy" Israeli Jew marry the president of a small Nordic nation in the North Atlantic?

Iceland recently arrested several executives of the former Kaupthing bank, the largest Icelandic bank involved in the collapse of the Icelandic economy in the fall of 2008. Kaupthing and a couple other banks were responsible for the looting of much of the wealth of Iceland (and other nations). Two of the former executives of the bank were recently held in solitary confinement to facilitate the Icelandic investigation.

Iceland's special prosecutor is investigating a number of former Kaupthing executives for alleged market manipulation and forgery. Before its collapse, Kaupthing lent more than $12 billion in shady deals that were "if not illegal, completely unethical," Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir said. When Kaupthing, Glitnir Bank, and Landsbanki Islands collapsed in October 2008 they had amassed debts equivalent to 12 times Iceland’s gross domestic product. After taking control of the three banks, the government was forced to seek a $4.6 billion International Monetary Fund-led loan to stay afloat. If an intelligence agency of a foreign government were involved in bankrupting Iceland, a member of NATO, it should be considered an act of war.

Kaupthing's loan book (leaked on the Internet) shows that around one third of its $20 billion in corporate loans went to a small elite connected to the bank's owners and management. One of Kaupthing's owners and the bank's largest debtor when it collapsed is an Iraqi-Iranian Jew named Robert Tchenguiz (pronounced like Genghis, as in Khan). The bank's leaked loan book shows that Tchenguiz borrowed some $3 billion from the bank to finance his private investments. Tchenguiz and his brother Vincent are London-based business tycoons. Robert was an owner of Kaupthing as one of the largest shareholders in Exista, a company that was the largest shareholder of the bank.

Robert Tchenguiz - "I can't comment on what Hreidar did or didn't do. It is very difficult for me to discuss this. I don't know why he was arrested. I don't know anything about the case."

Tchenguiz siblings Vincent and Lisa

Tchenguiz claims that he lost everything with the bank's collapse. "I lost all my money with the collapse of Kaupthing and I am suing the bank so I have to watch what I say," he said recently. High-profile "losers" like the Tchenguiz brothers, who lose billions of dollars, are typical of Mossad financial scams. Like Bernard Madoff, the Tchenguiz brothers claim to have lost billions of dollars, but where did the money really go?

As I pointed out in the Madoff scam, the missing billions probably went to secret Zionist-controlled bank accounts, for example at the Swiss branch of Israel Discount Bank where Madoff's friend and business partner Sy Syms (a.k.a. Seymour Merinsky) was a long-time director. In the Tchenguiz case, the Israeli partner-in-crime was probably his father, Victor, whose original surname is reported to be Kedourie Molaaem, and who has lived in Israel since at least 2003.

Victor Tchenguiz, an Iraqi Jew from Baghdad, has evidently worked with the Israeli Mossad for decades, and was reported in the British press in 2003 to be "the brains" behind the Tchenguiz business empire: "One reason that Victor Tchenguiz was long supposed to be the brains behind Rotch was that his Ferrari-driving sons didn't seem to spend much time at their desks," Conal Walsh wrote in the Observer of May 25, 2003.

The Tchenguiz kids, Vincent, Lisa, and Robert are well known for living high on other people's money. As the Observer noted in 2003: "The [Iranian Jewish] community is also legendary when it comes to shopping and partying. One reason that Victor Tchenguiz was long supposed to be the brains behind Rotch was that his Ferrari-driving sons didn't seem to spend much time at their desks."

About the Israeli connection with the Tchenguiz family, Walsh wrote:

Victor Tchenguiz, 80 and now living in Israel, is a larger-than-life figure who apparently traded in his original surname of Kedorie for Tchenguiz, Persian for 'Genghis', in honour of the great Mongol warlord.

An Iraqi-born Jew, he reportedly fled Baghdad to avoid persecution in 1948, landing in Iran and swiftly becoming a favourite of the Shah. How Victor did this is unclear - Robert has hinted that he married well - but by the Seventies he was jeweller to Iran's royal family and, it has been reported, in charge of the royal mint. When the Shah was deposed in 1979, Victor fled to London, with his fortune seemingly intact.

The British press seems to be quite clueless about Victor Tchenguiz's high-level connections to the Shah of Iran and how he got there, as Chris Blackhurst wrote in his MT interview with Robert Tchenguiz:

Somehow, despite being a foreigner, Victor became a member of the Shah's inner circle, becoming the royal jeweller and also head of the country's mint. The family were in the elite of Iranian society - the children were pupils at the International School in Tehran and the sons went to university abroad - Robert to Pepperdine in California.

Then the Shah fell. Victor moved the family to London, again displaying enormous dexterity by managing to bring their money over as well.

While the press reports are quite sketchy, the name suggests that the Tchenguiz family may originally be Iranian Jews, perhaps named Molayem (i.e. soft), which would fit the unusual "Molaaem" spelling of the family name. Although Victor and Violet met in Baghdad, they were married in Iran after a very short courtship, apparently in 1955 according to a 2009 interview with their daughter Lisa. There would be no reason for Iraqi Jews to be married in Iran if they did not have family there:

Lisa's own parents, who are both Iraqi Jews by origin, had a semi-arranged marriage. Her father spotted her mother walking beside the canal in Baghdad, and introduced himself to her father at a café. Several coffees later, the deal was done. 'My mother was at home when her mother came in and told her that she was having an engagement party the following week.' The couple 'dated' for five days, heavily chaperoned, then married in Iran.

Fifty-four years later, they are still together and, says Lisa, happily so.

It is well known that the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, played a key role in supporting the Shah of Iran and his secret police, the SAVAK, as the Wikipedia article on the Mossad notes:

Prior to the Iranian Revolution of 1978–79, SAVAK (Organization of National Security and Information), the Iranian secret police and intelligence service was created under the guidance of United States and Israeli intelligence officers in 1957 to protect the regime of the shah by arresting, torturing, and executing the dissidents (especially Leftists). After security relations between the United States and Iran grew more distant in the early 1960s which led the CIA training team to leave Iran, Mossad became increasingly active in Iran, "training SAVAK personnel and carrying out a broad variety of joint operations with SAVAK."

As the Jew who headed the Iranian mint and served as court jeweller for the Shah, Victor Tchenguiz would have worked closely with the Mossad. The Mossad connection would explain why Victor lives in Israel while his "billionaire" children and grandchildren all live in Britain. Why would Victor leave his family and home to retire in a country where he has never lived? The evidence suggests that Victor is indeed "the brains" behind the looting of Iceland and probably needed to be in Israel - close to his Israeli partners-in-crime - to pull off the mega-heist.


Shortly before the catastrophic collapse of Iceland's three major banks in the fall of 2008, the island nation was ranked as one of the wealthiest and most productive nations in the world. The financial damage caused by the plundering of Iceland's banks is the worst suffered by any country in economic history relative to the size of its economy.

Iceland is a volcanic island nation of about 320,000 people.

When the privatized banks of Kaupthing, Glitnir, and Landsbanki collapsed in October 2008 they had reportedly amassed debts equivalent to 12 times Iceland's gross domestic product. The looting of the Nordic nation's banks did not happen by accident, but was done through a conspiracy that has the distinct hallmarks of an Israeli intelligence operation. Recognizing these hallmarks is essential to solving the crime and preventing it from occurring to other nations.

When the Icelandic banks were privatized in 2002-2003, through "a series of insider dealings," the stage was set for massive amounts of debt to be "uploaded" to the newly-deregulated banks through the acquisition of foreign companies that were net debtors. When they finally collapsed under a mountain of debt, the three major Icelandic banks reportedly held an estimated foreign debt of nearly $100 billion. For a nation the size of Kentucky, with a population of a small U.S. city (about 320,000 like Aurora, Colorado), the banks' debt translates to more than $200,000 per resident.

The assets of Icelandic pension funds, a pool of wealth that current U.S. budget czar Peter Orszag studied before the collapse, were expected to shrink by as much as 25 percent. Orszag's involvement in the Icelandic operation is suspicious in light of his previous work in Russia during the period when it was being plundered by Jewish robber barons following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Peter Orszag

So, how were the hardy Vikings of Iceland plundered? The Icelandic heist was carried out in the same way as the plundering of the U.S. Treasury in 2008-2009, through an unregulated "economic bubble" scheme very much like a Bernard Madoff investment fund. How the scheme operates is fairly simple. An entity, in this case a private bank, is puffed up to look like it is doing amazingly well. Like Madoff's funds, the appearance of success brings in new investors while keeping the image – and the operation – up and going. The image of wealth and prosperity is, however, only a false front that is used to bring more money into the operation.

In reality, the criminals like Madoff running the operation are sucking every last penny they can out of the operation – in this case giving huge unsecured loans to scoundrels like Robert Tchenguiz - "Kaupthing's biggest client as well as director of its largest shareholder." The Tchenguiz formula for property deals is like Larry Silverstein's: borrow heavily to buy the property, and then raise the rent to pay off the loan. (Silverstein, who obtained control of the Twin Towers at the end of July 2001, raised tenants' rents by 40 percent.) Tchenguiz reportedly borrowed more than 1.7 billion Euros (more than $2 billion) from Kaupthing to finance his private investments. But how can a single individual, a foreign national, borrow some $2.5 billion from an Icelandic bank in unsecured loans, causing it to collapse? Tchenguiz, a shameless fraudster, is now trying to sue the Icelandic banks.

Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz

The Robert Tchenguiz operation, named Rotch, "is a complex web of about 600 different companies, with Vin-Rotch Properties, the ultimate holding group, based in Panama." Robert and his brother Vincent are directors of more than 300 companies each. The Tchenguiz family was reportedly "the second biggest landlord in Britain" in 2003. How can a playboy who spends much of his time carousing on yachts off St. Tropez run a "complex web of about 600 companies"? He can't, and he doesn't.

"At the top of the chain is Rotch Property Group, based in Mayfair," the Telegraph reported in May 2003. "It's biggest shareholder is a Panamanian company called Vin-Rotch Properties and the ultimate controlling party is the Tchenguiz Family Trust," which is known to be run by his father, Victor Tchenguiz in Israel.

While it may look like a business about property, in fact, it is not, the Sunday Times reported in a 2002 interview with Robert Tchenguiz: "It is a business about debt and the efficient recycling of debt through complex capital structures."

"From a structural point of view," Robert said, "Rotch is a family business and ultimately owned by our family. The way it's owned – Panama – I don't know if that's of interest to your readers, that's not necessarily something I want to tell them."

"The accounts of Rotch are impenetrable," the Times noted, and the family business is "a web of unfathomable companies with tentacles reaching deep." The Tchenguiz operation is actually an Israeli octopus run by Victor and a team in Israel. The whole operation is based on swapping debt, which is loaded onto a chosen victim (like Kaupthing) – which is then shoved off a cliff. Tchenguiz's brother Vincent was quoted in 2005 as saying: "About three-quarters of our business is debt…but it has come down considerably – about 20 percent [i.e. from 95 percent] – over the years. It's about £3 billion at the moment."

When the puffed-up operation collapses, the outrageous debts are simply passed on to the state, the central bank, and the people. Kaupthing "failed to recoup a total of £1.47 billion (about $2.5 billion) – equivalent to 45 percent of deposits – advanced to Tchenguiz's operations." Because the Tchenguiz family (of London and Israel) played such a big role in the plundering of Iceland, I call it Operation Tchenguiz (as in Genghis Khan).

The value of the OMX Iceland 15 from 1998 to October 2008. The three major Icelandic banks comprised 73 percent of the value of the OMX.


Remarkably, Genghis Khan, the Mongol conqueror of Asia known for his use of terror (1162-1227), crops up with two of the main characters in this sordid saga. Dorrit Moussaieff, the First Lady of Iceland is an Israeli Jew from a Bukharan (Persian) family of jewellers, who is said to have made the golden robes of Genghis Khan. Victor Tchenguiz, the father of Robert Tchenguiz, the biggest borrower from the largest Icelandic bank to collapse, is an Iraqi-Persian Jew who was the court jeweller and head of the mint under the Shah of Iran. Oddly, Victor changed his family name from Kedourie Molayem to Tchenguiz while he lived in Iran (in honor of Genghis Khan) and who now lives in Israel.

While these family connections with Genghis Khan and Israel are interesting, they do not prove that the robbing of Iceland was an Israeli operation. In order to prove that this was an Israeli intelligence operation we need to show high-level Israeli connections occurring at key points in the operation. When we can see that key individuals in the Icelandic saga are connected to Israeli intelligence, we can say that we have evidence of an Israeli conspiracy. If this is the case, it certainly needs to be taken into consideration by those who are working to solve the crime and recover the looted wealth of Iceland and other European nations affected by the plundering of Iceland's banks.

As Eva Joly, the Norwegian-French investigator who was hired by Iceland's state prosecutor said: "The priority is tracing any flow of assets from the banks and getting them back."


It was back in the early 1980s while visiting my mother's cousin in Sacramento that I first learned how Israeli criminal gangs robbed banks in America. My relative's husband, who held a senior position at the California Board of Equalization (i.e. the state agency for tax administration), told me about an organized gang that had set up phony jewelry shops in the Los Angeles area. Members of the gang would rifle through the trash bins behind expensive stores on Rodeo Drive in order to find carbon copies from credit card purchases. The gang would then use the pilfered credit card numbers to ring up fake purchases from their fake jewelry stores. The primary losers in this scam were the banks, which lost a great deal of money before the racket was shut down. All of the members of the criminal network, I was told, were Israelis.

Shortly thereafter, while on a sojourn in Puerto Rico where I worked as a sailing instructor, I came across a similar Israeli operation engaged in agriculture. I attended a Jewish holiday party held by the Israelis involved in this commercial enterprise. This operation was centered near Ponce on the south shore and was involved in producing melons and fruit. I recall seeing their logo on the produce boxes in the local supermarkets. Two years later, when I was back on the island, I learned that the farming operation had suddenly shut down and the Israelis had left the island owing more than $67 million to local banks.

These are just two of the Israeli criminal financial scams I personally became aware of in the early 1980s in which the primary targets were American banks. There have certainly been other much larger scams of this sort perpetrated by Israelis in the United States. Such organized criminal activity is actually quite typical of Israelis in America.

During the past three decades, primarily because the U.S. government has not cracked down on it, the Israeli criminal network has been allowed to grow while increasing the range and complexity of its operations in the United States. Zionist control of the U.S. Department of Justice has enabled Israeli criminals to escape prosecution, which was painfully evident in the official mishandling of the 9-11 investigation by Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff – the son of an Israeli Mossad agent. Chertoff is the person responsible for the "non-investigation" of 9-11 who authorized the wholesale confiscation and destruction of crucial evidence.

Michael Chertoff oversaw the destruction of the crucial evidence of 9-11.

The hallmark of an Israeli operation, such as the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11, the Madoff scam, or the government bail-out of A.I.G. and Goldman Sachs, is the presence of Israelis (or Zionist agents) at the key nodal points of the operation. Not only are all the key players in the operation Israelis or Zionists, but so are the investigators, media interpreters, prosecutors, and judges who wrap up the loose ends of the crime. The clearest indication of a major Israeli crime is the presence of a Zionist at the critical points of the operation.

In this respect, the plundering of the banks of Iceland is similar to the Madoff scam. The biggest "losers" in the Madoff operation were fellow Zionist crooks, such as orthodox Jewish fraudsters Jacob Ezra Merkin and Sonja Kohn of Bank Medici. Merkin and Kohn operated "feeder funds" that funneled billions of dollars directly into the Madoff pipeline. More than half the money that disappeared in the Madoff pipeline came from such "feeder funds." In this way tens of billions of dollars were sent to secret offshore Zionist-controlled accounts -- where they remain to this day.

The controlled media's focus on Madoff's Jewish "victims" serves to divert public attention from the fact that the co-conspirators in the Madoff scam are Zionist orthodox Jews connected to private Israeli banks – with secretive branches in Switzerland (and other offshore tax havens). The focus on high-profile Jews who claim to have lost money in the Madoff scam is meant to mollify public anger against the Zionist-controlled judicial system that is protecting the criminal network behind the Madoff scam -- and its ill-gotten gains.

The Icelandic operation has the distinct profile of an Israeli operation. The First Lady of Iceland and Robert Tchenguiz, the largest borrower from Kaupthing, are both from Persian Jewish families of jewelers (with affinities for Genghis Khan) based in Israel, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. While there are many other foreign Jews connected to the Icelandic heist, it is the involvement of Jews with connections to Israeli intelligence that reveals the outline of the Israeli operation.


The superficial reporting in the Zionist-controlled media obscures the Israeli connections. The New York Times, for example, reported on 8 May 2010 that Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson and Magnus Gudmundsson, former executives of Iceland's Kaupthing bank, had been arrested. Kaupthing was the largest of the three Icelandic banks that collapsed in October 2008 "under a mountain of debt, causing the Icelandic currency to crash and sending the economy into a tailspin."

"Magnus Gudmundsson, a former Kaupthing executive who now runs a privately held bank in Luxembourg, was also arrested," the Times reported. This raised the obvious question about what kind of bank would be run by a former executive of a bank that had failed so badly as Kaupthing. The private bank that Gudmundsson was running when he was arrested in May was actually the former Kaupthing Luxembourg, a branch that had been taken over in July 2009 and renamed Banque Havilland S.A., after the Guernsey mansion of secretive David "Spotty" Rowland – the new owner of the bank.

Kaupthing Luxembourg was bought by Blackfish Capital, "a small British hedge fund" owned by David Rowland, a British tax exile based in the Channel Islands, and his son Jonathan David Rowland, managing director of Citigroup's European Financial Entrepreneurs Group. Despite being a tax exile, David Rowland is the largest contributor to Britain's Conservative Party, which recently won control of the government. When he gave more than £1 million to the party of David Cameron, Rowland said he gave the money because of his concern for "liberty."

When Rowland took over Kaupthing Luxembourg, Blackfish Capital was headed by Martyn Konig, a former veteran director of NM Rothschild and Sons who held senior positions at Goldman Sachs and UBS. Rowland and Konig are both involved in international mining companies, as are several other key players in the Iceland operation. Why would Rowland want to take over a branch of a failed bank under investigation for its role in the collapse of a country's economy? Were Rowland's connections with Israeli intelligence or the Tchenguiz family factors in his decision to take over Kaupthing Luxembourg?

When the former CEOs of Kaupthing and Banque Havilland were arrested, Icelandic Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir said: "It's crucial that the players in the collapse are held accountable. I'm still of the opinion that the lending practices of Kaupthing were either unethical or illegal." Sigurdardottir said Kaupthing had lent 1.5 trillion kronur ($11.5 billion) in transactions that were "if not illegal, completely unethical." The loans were granted to 10 "interlinked parties."

Independent reporters in Iceland, suspicious of the motives behind the foreign purchase of a key branch of the collapsed bank, criticized the media silence about the takeover of Kaupthing Luxembourg in 2009:

The sale of Kaupthing Luxembourg is a very interesting event for various reasons. First is the media silence in Iceland…Why the silence about one of the most valuable assets Iceland has, not from a financial point of view, but from that of the value of information it has on the whole economic collapse and all the very dubious deals going on at Kaupthing and in fact other banks as well.

Did Rowland buy Kaupthing Luxembourg in order to control critical information about where billions of dollars had gone? Was Kaupthing Lux a key conduit in Operation Tchenguiz?

Suddenly, without any explanation, Martyn Konig resigned as chairman of the board of Banque Havilland after only a few weeks. Why did Konig quit the new bank so abruptly? Had he discovered dirty business that he wanted no part of? This question is very relevant because the Luxembourg branches of both Icelandic banks Kaupthing and Landsbanki are said to have been neck deep in dirty business. So, why did Rowland buy Kaupthing Luxembourg and what are his connections to Israeli intelligence?

David Rowland is connected to Israel in several ways:

· Rowland manages the Tchenguiz Depository Trust, a fund belonging to Israel-based Victor Tchenguiz;
· he is the largest shareholder in Shore Capital, an Israeli high-tech venture capital/investment firm linked to Israel's Bank Leumi -- and the Mossad.

Jonathan Rowland was the founder (with his father) and CEO of JellyWorks Plc, a private equity fund that invested in budding Internet companies. The company only lasted 8 months from its flotation in December 1999 until it was acquired by Shore Capital in August 2000. David Rowland was the biggest shareholder in Shore when it bought JellyWorks. Rowland's investment of £12 million in the company was bought out for £45 million – a nearly four-fold return.

Jonathan Rowland has a vision of becoming a banking dynasty: "I want to run an investment house like the Rothschilds or the Flemings," he says. "There is no one around like that any more."

There is also an amazing 9-11 connection. Jonathan Rowland was supposed to be at a meeting at the World Trade Center on 9-11 – but stayed away, just like Larry Silverstein and 4,000 Israelis, saying he had a hangover. As The Independent (U.K.) reported in October 2003:

He had a meeting scheduled in the World Trade Center on the morning of 11 September 2001. But having overdone a "quiet drink" the previous night, he was in his hotel room nursing a glass of Alka-Seltzer when the planes hit the twin towers.

Was it really a hangover that kept Jonathan Rowland from attending the meeting he had flown across the ocean for – or did he also get a message telling him to stay away from the World Trade Center, like the 4,000 Israelis who were supposed to have been in the Twin Towers on 9-11? Are the Rowland's tied to the network of Israelis suspected of pulling off 9-11? It certainly appears that they are.

Zvi Marom, one of the directors of Shore Capital since 2000, is an Israeli with "close links with the Israeli Chief Scientist's Office and with Governmental bodies funding research for Israeli high tech companies." The main governmental bodies funding research for high-tech companies in Israel are the military -- and the Mossad. Marom and the Mossad are evidently working with David Rowland, who took over Kaupthing Luxembourg in 2009.

Mossadnik Zvi Marom works with David Rowland

The Luxembourg subsidiary of Kaupthing was established in 1998 and has a branch in Geneva, Switzerland. This is the same model as the privatized Israel Discount Bank (IDB), which has a subsidiary in New York and a branch in Switzerland. One of the directors of IDB New York, Seymour Merinsky (aka Sy Syms) was a business partner of Bernard Madoff at Yeshiva University's Syms School of Business.


Icelandic investigators have reportedly put two secretive Israeli property tycoons, Moises and Mendi Gertner, orthodox Jewish brothers affiliated with the Mossad's diamond-dealing Benny Steinmetz, under scrutiny. The Gertner brothers reportedly bought a 2.5 percent stake in Kaupthing Bank in June 2008 for 14 billion kronur ($176 million). Why did the Israeli property and diamond-dealing Gertner brothers (co-owners with Israeli right-wing diamond tycoons Benny Steinmetz and Dan Gertler of Nikanor, a copper and cobalt mining operation in the Congo), invest in Kaupthing when it was clearly failing?

Benny Steinmetz

Dan Gertler

Steinmetz and Gertler, founder of the DGI Group, are close to and supported by the Israeli military/intelligence establishment. They are friends of Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu. Why would Israeli diamond and mining tycoons connected to Israeli intelligence invest in an Icelandic bank on the verge of collapse? Were they simply using funds borrowed from the bank to try to prop it up just four months before it collapsed?

Simon Halabi, a Syria-born Jew who was another big borrower from Kaupthing, disappeared owing some $75 million to the bank. Halabi, a property tycoon who was estimated to be worth £3 billion in 2007 was declared bankrupt in the High Court of London at the end of March 2010 over a £56.3 million loan he received from the bank's British unit, Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander. Halabi was not present at the hearing and no representations were made on his behalf. Halabi's last address was at a hotel in Switzerland. Why would Simon Halabi be in Switzerland? Most likely because that's where he stashed the money.

Simon Halabi disappeared owing $75 million to Kaupthing.


Selected Sources:
"Tchenguiz's Icelandic saga with a bitter ending" by Simon Bowers, The Observer, 12 April 2009

"Amanda Hall: Inside the empire of a modern-day Genghis", Interview with Robert Tchenguiz, The Sunday Times, 3 November 2002

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Gertler, Dan (DGI Group), Rough and, 2009

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"Persian playboy goes shopping", by Conal Walsh, The Observer, May 25, 2003

"The Tchenguiz sister", by Lydia Slater, London Evening Standard (U.K.), May 15, 2009

Wikipedia article on Mossad

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Better to read the article on the internet:

Bravest spokesman for freedom of speech: French-Jewish philospher Bernard-Henri Lévy

A discussion hosted by the Columbia-Paris Alliance Program and SIPA, in collaboration with the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism. [January 26, 2010]

Panel members:

David Remnick, Editor of the New Yorker (Jewish - moderator)
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Author and French/Jewish Philosopher
Philippe Schmidt, Chairman of INACH and Vice-President of LICRA (Jewish)
Professor Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School
Peter Awn, Director of Columbia's Middle East Institute

'It's a great privilege to introduce Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, who really is one of the most forthright, and one of the bravest ehm, spokesman for freedom of speech, here or anywhere, and eh, he will close this with a few minutes of, closing statement.'

With these words, the editor of the American newspaper 'The New Yorker', David Remnick, introduced a closing speech by the French/Jewish philosopher, which ended a, at this point, one hour and 20 minutes long debate at Columbia University about freedom of speech, among a panel consisting of 5 people and a studio audience.

Before he delivered his expected grand finale, Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy the famous French/Jewish philosopher, dedicated much of several his long-winded drawn out speeches, defending why some phenomenon he chose to call 'holocaust-denial', should be the only exception to freedom of speech. He quickly included 'other genocides'.

Bernard-Henri Lévy transscript:

This difficult question of denial of the holocaust, eh of condemning and putting a law against denial of holocaust and denial of other genocides, not only holocaust.

On one side one could say, and I have a lot of friends who say; 'it is so stupide, to deny 'olocaust, and eh, the truth is so stronge, the evidence is so clear, that we should let the good currency, eh, get rid of the bad currency. Why make a law?

This is an acceptable argument, we could think like that..

On the other side, the reason why, as for myself, after having thought at length on this question, for years, I finally decide that the law was good is the following, I will say it, I'm sorry very shortly, in few words, but it supposes, it could be developed.

For me the denial of ze genocide, is part of the genocide itself. It is part of the genocide. It is very clear in ze genocide against Jews, you know, the structure of the genocide, supposed had embedded into itself, the fact of the denial..

Direzsays (?), Himlèr and so on said, not only we will kill them, but we are going to erase the trace of the killing, the deniàl is part of the crime..

Same for the Armenians... Ze committers, ze executioners of ze 'olocaust of the Armenians, said exactly the same.

It is not enough to kill, we have to at the same time in the same movement, in the same breathing, we have to commit and erase the crime..

So there is a very péculiàr structure of genocide, it is not the crime as any other( ?), there is a péculiàr structure, which having the denial integrated in the crime, makes the possibility, and imposes I think, the necessity of punishing the denial which is part of the crime.

The transcript above is from: 03 Bernard-Henri Lévy 01 (50 MB)

Twisted reasoning

Is it really necessary to argument for the rather obviously untenable nature of the muddy reasoning by this prophet of the so called 'Nouvelle Philosophie' [new philosophy]?

Well, at least Professor Kent Greenawalt tried:

So I think there is an argument about whether it should be eh, not allowed in European countries, but I, the real reasons struck me as quite implausible, eh for the following reason, ah, assuming that part of the idea of genocide, or that particular genocide was that it was also going to be covered up, eh, that was part of what it was, but now we're generations later, and the question is, should people be able to deny that that existed or not.

To me it wouldn't make any difference.

Suppose their basic idea has been, let's publicize that to everybody, and eh, - that it's great [uncertain] - we're doing this, and the same few generations later and some people are denying that it took place, so I don't see the connection between the denial, or that it took place generations later and what the underlying philosophy was of the genocide in the first place, that seems to be a pretty remote eh, relation..

The transcript above is from: 11 Kent Greenawalt, Columbia Law School

Balder: The exploitation of the suffering was a pre meditated embedded part of the crime!

I wonder if it might also have crossed Mr. Greenawalds mind, that Bernard's assumption that the denial was embedded in the crime, could be reversed in this way: The exploitation of the suffering was part of the crime.

As we all know the Zionists needed a large number of Jewish victims, in order to be able to black mail the world to give them their own state.

It is a well known fact, that Zionist organizations were not the least interested in saving Jews who were deemed of no value for the Zionist state. I suppose Greenawald would have been too politite to mention it, if indeed he had thought of it.

Bernard-Henri Lévy - Zionist Real-Politik in stead of French/Jewish philosophy (or is this what F/J philosophy actually is all about?)

Funny though that no one seemingly had the guts to stand up for free speech on it's own merits ('ohne wenn und aber') , without counting, weighing and considering how profitable or contra-productive this would be, in order to further certain views on history, and other not so narrowly defined causes we apparently all are morally obliged to subscribe to.

Columbia Law School Professor Kent Greenawalt came closest, and appeared to be the most sincere advocate of free speech present on the panel. No hard words here.


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Chemical evidence relating to the ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz/ Birkenau.

By Nick Kollerstrom – 30th June 2010

I used to work at University College, London, getting by as a science historian.
Having written papers on various suitably obscure subjects - from Newton’s lunar theory to the discovery of Neptune - three years ago I made what in retrospect looks like a rather large mistake. I began to take an interest in the published chemical evidence relating to the ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz/ Birkenau.

Maybe it was foolish to imagine that hard scientific data was of relevance in this case. It strangely turned out that I was engaging with a predominantly religious issue, and I simply became damned as a heretic.

There is no disagreement that cyanide gas chambers existed at many WW2 concentration camps. These were delousing rooms built to kill the bugs that threatened the health of the camp inmates. They were designed to keep the prisoners healthy so that they could carry out their work effectively. Their purpose was hygienic.

We can nowadays agree that many tons of cyanide (in granular form as the insecticide Zyklon) was used during the WW2 for hygienic delousing technology. Before DDT was invented around 1945, Zyklon was the normal delousing method. Special gas chambers made by a firm called Degesch, 10m3 in volume, were installed in all the German labour-camps in 1942, the year when typhus hit the camps. That epidemic is spread by bugs, so all clothing and bedding had to go repeatedly into the delousing chambers. It was a procedure designed to be safe for regular use.

These chambers still exist at four WW2 labour camp ruins, Madjanek, Dachau, Auschwitz and Birkenau, and can be easily identified because their walls are mostly turquoise blue. There is iron in the walls of the old chambers at Auschwitz and Birkenau and this combined permanently with the cyanide then used, the brick walls being very porous to the cyanide gas. These walls are blue on the inside and on the outside, showing that the cyanide soaked right through them. The blue in the walls is ferrocyanide – just like the colour in a tube of turquoise oil paint.

In contrast to these real gas chambers, the walls of the alleged human gas chambers have no such blue colouring. This simple and obvious fact was one of the first causes of skepticism for some of those who visited the camps.

My contribution to ‘Holocaust Studies’ related to this issue: I spent a while integrating the Leuchter and Rudolf reports – the two big chemical surveys of the walls - and ascertaining what they found to be the control-background levels of residual cyanide. These are levels in samples where no-one is suggesting that mass cyanide gassing took place. Putting together the combined measurable data of these two chemical surveys (42 samples) I got the following three groups:

Delousing chambers 5000 ppm* (15 samples) *parts per million
Washrooms, Kitchens etc (‘Controls’) 2 ppm (11 samples)
Alleged human gas chambers 3 ppm (16 samples)

The ‘official’ explanation given for these figures is that ‘bugs are harder to kill than humans.’ No wonder the cyanide levels in the delousing chambers are higher, they had to kill all those little bugs... well, have a look at those figures. There is no significant difference between the control, background levels of cyanide (2 ppm) and those for the alleged human gas chambers (3ppm). Absolutely none. The fact that there are measurable levels for cyanide in ordinary rooms at Auschwitz is probably because of occasional fumigation to kill bugs living in cracks and crevices in the walls etc.

Whereas there is a two-thousandfold difference between the ‘control’ measurements and the delousing chambers – where the Zyklon was indisputably used hour after hour, day after day. Here the cyanide content, at an average value of around 5000 ppm, is about half of one percent of the samples taken.

The modern books that continue to roll off the presses about Auschwitz and ‘The Holocaust’ advocate a view that some Zyklon went to the delousing chambers, whereas some was ‘diverted’ for ghastly human use. It is important to note here that in 1946 at Nuremberg, no such dual use was posited. All knowledge of the normal, hygienic function was blotted out, and it was assumed that any can of Zyklon was for the ‘human gassing.’ Operators of the delousing chambers did not get to testify.

Over the years there has appeared a growing difference of opinion on the ‘human gas chambers’ issue... In fact it’s almost hard to believe that such a vast, dizzying difference of opinion over a single issue can exist in the world today. It remains that all decent citizens believe that millions of people, mainly Jews, were gassed in huge, cyanide gas chambers, over 1942-45, as the ultimate industrialised mass killing in human history. On the other hand, there are a few down-and-out, ethically-damned loners who have the nerve to affirm that such mass human gas chambers have never existed on Planet Earth…..

….and, apart from that, had they existed they would be, in practice, totally unworkable.

But that’s another story.

Over the last few years I have noticed that one side of this argument proceeds by trying to debate the evidence while the other uses every time, without exception, name-calling, abuse and ethical damnation.

Understandably it is a subject which many people find unbearable to discuss.….but on even this ‘sacred’ ground the earth is moving. Since startling revelations about 9/11 have been exposed there are increasingly massed ranks of ordinary but shocked and awakened people, now terminally cynical about the capacity of the powerful to lie and deceive in the service of their own interests.

Today, I believe we should formulate the unbearable Big Questions as:

Were the deadly Nazi gas chambers of WW2 used to kill Jews…..or bugs?
Did they work to take lives……or save them?
Did they have people ..... or clothing, put into them?
(Warning: a ‘wrong’ answer here can land you in jail, in ten European nations.)

I’m intrigued by historical questions with a chemical twist to them. Admittedly this one lost me half of my friends, got me thrown out of my College, made me virtually unemployable, and closed the doors of publishers and public venues. However, I cannot regret publishing what I believe to be true about this profoundly important issue. I hold the view that, if the truth about such an important matter is to remain out of bounds and beyond debate, then there is really no point in getting out of bed in the morning.

The truth has to matter.
The truth about the ‘human gas chambers’ particularly matters because much of modern history (and modern calamities) is founded on it.

As a vision of ghastly horror it has become the Most Holy Mystery in this spiritually bankrupt culture of ours. It has a transcendental function in expressing Ultimate Evil. It even seems to be morphing into a new religion, which has replaced the suffering of Christ by the ‘suffering of The Jews.’ The word ‘Holocaust’ actually means a fiery sacrifice.

This has to be the original WMD hoax - but, more than that, the total absence of any physical or chemical evidence for it, is precisely what has lead to ‘the Holocaust’ taking on its present numinous, transcendental nature.

So, are we discussing science or religion? I say that a scientific, rational approach to the subject became possible for the first time in 2003, when two published, chemical investigations appeared in the English language, and were concordant. But, I noticed that my fellow countrymen behaved as if the issue was a theological question about which the expression of doubt was a most serious sin.

Personally I prefer living in the real world and that has to mean discerning the difference between what is real and illusory. It will be a Copernican Revolution when the truth on this issue becomes widely understood. The lid cannot be kept on such lies indefinitely. I’d say that Mother Nature played the trump card: slowly, after the war, the walls of those delousing chambers turned blue, as the ferrocyanide complex developed.

I believe that no happy future can lie in store for humanity, so long as we continue to believe in this nightmare-hallucination. Belief in it is a badge of enslavement, it is the supreme sacred Myth of the New World Order.

Plato in his Republic said every civilisation needed a founding myth – but, he added, that myth did not have to be true. Karl Popper the philosopher of science was shocked by this and disagreed – it had to be true, he averred. I know who I want to believe. The consequences of founding society’s culture and relationships upon false narratives is provably disastrous. We get wars based on lies, global tyranny by bankers, debased, demoralised populations and now quite possibly World War Three.

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The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part II: The Critique of Mass Culture Prof. Kevin MacDonald

The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part II: The Critique of Mass Culture
Prof. Kevin MacDonald

Review of Thomas Wheatland's The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part II: The Critique of Mass Culture

One of Wheatland's strengths is his rich documentation of the strong connections between the New York Intellectuals and the Frankfurt School. Both groups were predominantly Jewish (the first generation Frankfurt School exclusively so), and both were associated with the anti-Stalinist left. However, they had somewhat different theoretical perspectives and overlapping associations. It is common among intellectual historians (e.g., Eric P. Kaufmann) to view the New York Intellectuals as the most important group advocating cosmopolitan racial ideology in the post-World War II era.

Prominent New York Intellectuals include the art critic Clement Greenberg, writer and critic Robert Warshow, philosopher Sidney Hook, Partisan Review editors William Phillips and Philip Rahv, and several forerunners of the neoconservative movement, especially Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. Wheatland shows that the some of the second-generation New York Intellectuals (e.g., Daniel Bell, Irving Howe, and Nathan Glazer) were well acquainted with the work of the Frankfurt School. Howe and Glazer had minor roles in the notorious Studies in Prejudice series discussed in Part I of this review.

The Critique of Mass Culture

These linkages and cross-fertilization were especially apparent in the analysis of culture. The Frankfurt School viewed contemporary Western societies of the 1930s and '40s as "soft authoritarianism" — a phrase also used by Tom Sunic in describing contemporary Western societies. From their point of view, the basic problem was to explain the lack of revolutionary fervor in Western societies. Quite clearly, orthodox Marxism was wrong: The predicted revolution hadn't happened.
This lack of fervor was particularly problematic because there was a considerable degree of personal freedom in Western societies:

Theoretically at least, people had the freedom to be revolutionary, but instead they passively accepted the evils of capitalism.

These intellectuals developed the theory that control had shifted from obvious forms of external control (like gulags in the USSR) to control via the media — "secondary emanations of authority … namely newspapers, advertising, radio, etc." (p. 79). Because the media was an expression of "late capitalism," it prevented people from seeing the world as good leftists should, and as a result they were unable to "break the cycle of injustice and domination" (p. 79).

Early on Erich Fromm gathered survey data showing that working class Germans were not interested in revolution but were passive and prone to escapism. (Incidentally, Fromm seems to have been the originator of the most important ideas of the Frankfurt School. As noted in Part I of this review, he also came up with the disastrous idea of explaining ethnocentrism among Whites as due to family pathology.)

The passivity and escapism of the working class were viewed as due to the failure of the culture, and particularly the media, to properly foment revolutionary consciousness. For example, during the 1930s, Herbert Marcuse wrote attacking "all bourgeois culture for its escapism, repression, and concealment of capitalism's harsh realities" (p. 160). As discussed extensively by Elizabeth Whitcombein TOO, the Frankfurt School criticized culture because it upheld a reactionary status quo.

Eventually, there was a general understanding among both the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals that mass culture — whether in the USSR (both of these groups were anti-Stalinist), National Socialist Germany, or bourgeois United States — promoted conformism and escape from harsh political realities; it "offered false pleasure, reaffirmed the status quo, and promoted a pervasive conformity that stripped the masses of their individuality and subjectivity" (p. 175). Obviously this fits well with the Frankfurt School ideas on the family: Again, there is a plea for individualists free from family and ethnic ties and in favor of non-conformity with the status quo.

These intellectuals promoted modernism in art at least partly because of its compatibility with expressive individualism, but also because they believed that it effectively opposed the culture of capitalism. Modernism was also seen as capable of alienating people from modern Western societies. As Elizabeth Whitcombe points out, "Adorno's desire for a socialist revolution led him to favor Modernist music that left the listener feeling unsatisfied and dislocated — music that consciously avoided harmony and predictability."

To be modern is to be alienated from the society of capitalism. The alienation of the New York Intellectuals is legendary. Norman Podhoretz was famously asked by a New Yorker editor in the 1950s "whether there was a special typewriter key at Partisan Review with the word `alienation' on a single key."

In short, they were trying to make all of America as alienated as they were.

Both the New York Intellectuals and the Frankfurt School had nothing but disdain for traditional art. In Adorno's words, they sought "the end of the order that bore the sonata" — the end of European high culture. And if the audience failed to appreciate modernism, it was their fault. For example, Adorno wrote that the failure of the audience to appreciate Schoenberg "pointed to widespread alienation and irrationalism that were pervasive in society" (p. 29). Only the revolution would make people psychologically whole again and in tune with a genuine aesthetic sense.

The view that modernism would ultimately usher in the revolution eventually faded when it became obvious that it would never be popular with the great mass of people. The view that, say, Schoenberg, could ever have become popular with the great mass of people can only be described as amazingly naïve. We just aren't wired that way. But of course realistic ideas about human penchants and limitations have never been a strong suit of the intellectual left.

In reading the views of the Frankfurt School on the importance of cultural control, it struck me that those of us attempting to preserve the traditional peoples and culture of the West are in a similar situation to the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals. Their complaints about the American culture of the 1930s through the 1950s are mirror images of the complaints that we have now.

Whereas the New York Intellectuals and the Frankfurt School felt alienated from the culture of the West, now we are the ones with feelings of alienation from the culture that has been so strongly influenced by these Jewish intellectual movements.

We are dismayed at the failure of the media to properly address White interests or even to allow expressions of White identity to be seen or heard in the mainstream media.

We are well aware that when there is a failure of media self-censorship (e.g., when media critic William Cash described the Jewish media elite as "culturally nihilist" in the Spectator in 1994), there are powerful campaigns to punish the guilty parties and to get them to recant.

Just as the Frankfurt School theorized, the West has come under the control of soft authoritarianism. But now the shoe is on the other foot: Power resides in the soft totalitarianism of the multi-cultural, multi-racial, anti-White left.

These Jewish intellectual movements decried the passivity, escapism, and conformity of American culture. Those of us who are White advocates are horrified that the vast majority of White people passively accept media messages filled with distorted images of Whites and their history. We are appalled that so many Whites are far more interested in escapist entertainment, ranging from sporting events to sci-fi thrillers, than they care about the future of their people.And we are dismayed by the conformity of the great mass of Whites people who are terrified of being called a racist or in any way violating the current taboos of political correctness. We deplore the pathetic conformists striving to uphold the rules of a society deeply hostile to their own long term interests.

Rather than see a culture controlled by the "late capitalist" media," White advocates see the culture of the West as controlled by a hostile media that advocates multiculturalism, the displacement of Whites, and the culture of Western suicide. And many of us believe that a very large influence on this culture stems not only from the influence of the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals, but also from Jewish ownership and production of the media.

There is thus a common ground between these Jewish intellectual movements and those of us attempting to preserve the traditional people and culture of the West. We all agree in the importance of media control. As I concluded in an article describing the psychology of cultural control, paraphrasing a Bill Clinton campaign slogan: "It's the culture, stupid."

Control of the media is critical. If there were strong media messages advocating White identity and the legitimacy of White interests, things would turn around rather dramatically and rather quickly. This is because the psychological power behind a movement of ethnic defense is far greater than the motivation that can be mustered for a multi-racial, multi-ethnic communist revolution.

Such media messages would be able to tap into the natural wellspring of ethnic feeling. There is a deep psychological attachment to one's people and culture — even among us individualistic White folks — that can easily motivate a mass movement of ethnic defense.

Often these feelings are implicit and unconscious rather than explicit and conscious. They manifest themselves in moving to neighborhoods where their children can attend school with other Whites. Or they manifest themselves in activities where they are able to enjoy the company and camaraderie of others like themselves.

But these feelings are nevertheless real. And they are potentially very powerful. The revolution needed to reverse the cultural tides of the last decades would therefore be far easier to pull off than the communist revolution so ardently desired by the Frankfurt School.

If there is one central message from the post-World War II world, ethnicity and race matter. As Jerry Z. Muller has shown, there has been a strong trend toward ethnically based nations over the last 150 years, not only in the territorial adjustments in Europe following World War II, but around the world.

It's interesting that these leftist critics of the media completely ignored the actual mechanisms of cultural control that were in place during the period when they were writing. The controls on culture had little if anything to do with the culture of "late capitalism." Instead, the traditional Anglo-American culture managed to retain its primacy during this period because of political activism on the part of Anglos in defense of their culture, often quite self-consciously directed against Jewish influence in the media.

Jewish influence on the media, especially Hollywood movies,weighed heavily on the minds of people like Henry Ford early in the 20th century. Public outrage at the content of Hollywood movies led to more or less successful controls on the moral and political content of movies until around the mid-1960s. The following passage fromChapter 2 of Separation and Its Discontents discusses this American Kulturkampf (references omitted):

During the McCarthy era, there was concern that the entertainment industry would influence American culture by, in the words of an overt anti-Semite, Congressman John R. Rankin of Mississippi, "insidiously trying to spread subversive propaganda, poison the minds of your children, distort the history of our country and discredit Christianity" ....

The great majority of those stigmatized by the Un-American Activities Committee of the House of Representatives (HUAC) were Jews, many of them in the entertainment industry.... A belief that "Jewish Hollywood" was promoting subversive ideas, including leftist political beliefs, was a common component of anti-Semitism in the post-World War II period, and indeed the push for the HUAC investigation was led by such well-known anti-Semites as Gerald L. K. Smith and Congressman Rankin .... For example, Smith stated that "there is a general belief that Russian Jews control too much of Hollywood propaganda and they are trying to popularize Russian Communism in America through that instrumentality. Personally I believe that is the case" ....

The substantive basis of the opinion of Rankin and others was that beginning in the 1930s Hollywood screenwriters were predominantly Jewish and politically liberal or radical — a general association that has been typical of Jewish intellectual history in the 20th century .... The American Communist Party (CPUSA), which was under Soviet control during the period, sent V. J. Jerome and Stanley Lawrence, both Jews, to Hollywood to organize the writers and take advantage of their political sentiments. Jerome argued that "agitprop propaganda was actually better drama because Marxists better understood the forces that shaped human beings, and could therefore write better characters" .... Writers responded by self-consciously viewing themselves as contributing to "the Cause" by their script writing. "But as much as the Hollywood Communist party was a writers' party, it was also . . . a Jewish party. (Indeed, to be the former meant to be the latter as well)."

Nevertheless, during this period the radical writers were able to have little influence on the ultimate product, although there is good evidence that they did their best to influence movie content in the direction of their political views .... Their failure was at least partly because of pressures brought to bear on Hollywood by conservative, predominantly [non-Jewish] political forces, resulting in a great deal of self-censorship by the movie industry. ... The Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, headed by Will H. Hays, was created in 1922 in response to movements in over thirty state legislatures to enact strict censorship laws, and the Production Code Administration, headed by Joseph I. Breen, was launched in response to a campaign by the Catholic Legion of Decency. The result was that producers were forced to develop projects "along the lines of a standard Hollywood genre while steering clear of both the Hays and Breen offices and the radical writer who may have been assigned to the project" ....

In addition, the HUAC investigations of the late 1940s and early 1950s and the active campaigning of religious (Legion of Decency, Knights of Columbus), patriotic (Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR]), and educational (Parents and Teachers Association) groups influenced movie content well into the 1950s, including a great many anticommunist films made as a rather direct response to the HUAC investigations. The result was, in the words of one studio executive, that "I now read scripts through the eyes of the DAR, whereas formerly I read them through the eyes of my boss" .... Particular mention should be made of the American Legion, described ... as "the prime mover" in attempting to eradicate "Communist influence" in the movie industry during the 1950s. The list of sixty-six movie personalities said to be associated with communism published in the American Legion Magazine caused panic in Hollywood and a prolonged series of investigations, firings, and blacklistings.

The point here is that there were strong controls emanating from political conservatives and from religious and cultural traditionalists that kept a lid on Jewish influence on culture through the 1950s — doubtless much to the chagrin of the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals who prided themselves in their alienation from that culture.

This all ended when the culture of the left finally triumphed in the 1960s. At that point, when the multi-cultural, anti-White left had seized the high ground in the cultural wars, they had far less reason to engage in the types of cultural criticism so apparent in the writings of the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals. Hollywood and the rest of the American media were unleashed, and it must have became apparent to many on the left that passivity, escapism and (leftist) conformity weren't so bad after all.

Indeed, as Elizabeth Whitcombe suggests, there seems to have been some realization among the Frankfurt School intellectuals in the late 1940s and 1950s that popular culture could be utilized to "manipulate the masses in the directions that they wanted — toward liberal cosmopolitanism, breaking down racial barriers, and promoting Black cultural icons."

What would have surprised these intellectuals is that the culture of the left could co-exist with capitalism. As Marxists at heart, at least for most of their existence, they felt that it was necessary to destroy capitalism in order to usher in a revolution in culture that would affect the great mass of people.

But it turns out that capitalism was not the problem they faced any more than it is the problem White advocates face. It is certainly true that capitalism requires control by a racially conscious political and intellectual elite. In the absence of such controls, capitalists may, for example, advocate mass immigration because of the purely economic benefits for individual capitalists.

Political control over capitalism was certainly apparent during the period from 1924–1965 when America reaffirmed that it was a nation of Europeans. Capitalism remained on a strong leash — a leash motivated by a deep desire for ethnic defense on the part of the great majority of European Americans.

Even when the immigration law was finally changed in 1965, business interests were notable for their absence. Far more important wasJewish activism motivated ultimately by perceptions of ethnic self-interest.

All of the great changes in culture over the last 100 years occurred within the capitalist system. Capitalism co-existed with immigration restriction from 1924–1965, and it co-exists with the open borders reality of recent decades.

Ethnic interests and cultural traditionalism were far more important than capitalism in defending the ethnic and cultural integrity of pre-1965 America. And the ethnic interests of the nascent Jewish elite were far more important than capitalism in undermining the traditional people and culture of America in the post-1965 era.

As Eric P. Kaufmann shows, the best explanation for the enormous shift in culture is that the left was able to seize the elite institutions of society — the media, the universities, and the political culture. In my view, this would not have happened without the intellectual and political activism of Jewish intellectual and political activists who not only identified as Jews, but also saw their work as advancing specifically Jewish interests. Certainly the Frankfurt School and the New York Intellectuals played important roles in this revolution.

The result of the countercultural revolution is that those who detest the cosmopolitan culture erected by these movements are now on the sidelines, feeling alienated, and decrying the passivity, escapism, and conformity of the contemporary culture of Western suicide.
End of Part 2 of 3. Click here to go to Part I.

Kevin MacDonald is editor of The Occidental Observer and a professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach.

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Quango Land how the coalition of washed up teachers and social workers ruined Britain

The phony cuts
£167 billion a year was wasted on quangos in 2007 according to the Cabinet Office - its nearly 200 billion pa now.

These British Quangos are the largest bribery structure in the world - that's 12.5% of our economy of £1,330 billion to pay up to £300,000pa salaries to 100,000 people the government wishes to influence.
£60 billion is wasted on 800,000 overpaid bureaucrats installed in the NHS by Common Purpose to destroy it.

Hospital and medical staff are only 400,000 and are deliberately paid peanuts and overworked to sap moral as they watch the bureaucrats make continual changes calculated to sabotage the NHS.

£100 billion a year was wasted on EU regulations according to the goverments Better Regulation Task Force Annual Report 2005, with a foreward by Tony Blair.

Since then the waste in these three areas has got much worse, but the government won't publish full figures.

Even if they just cut all this waste at 2007 levels, the government would save £167 + £60 billion = £227 billion, and save industry £100 billion in EU costs, total saving £327 billion, far, far more than they ever need to save: the budget deficit is only £155 billion. Total government borrowing £903 billion, 60% of GDP. They could pay it all off in just 3 years.

If they really meant to save, these are the cuts they would make, but they have no intention of saving; their intention is to keep stealing 70% of the economy in taxes to collapse our nation, to fund their bloated lifestyles and waste, and keep as many British as possible diesempowered and in poverty on £5 per hour as they can. Our government ministers do not represent us, but are agents for a foreign power.

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Why Kelly Was Murdered a theory.

Policy -

There are nuclear weapons out there, maybe in terrorists hands, two or five, as many as seven or more. Iran and North Korea didn’t build them. North Korea’s nuclear program is a sham and Iran may simply be a scapegoat. Iran is not building nuclear weapons, they don’t possess the necessary centrifuges to enrich uranium. Using their available technology, a nuclear weapon could not be produced in a century.

However, the threat of nuclear terrorism is very real, the facts are there but America is sitting on the truth. Remember three names, Valerie Plame and Dr. David Kelly and Mordechai Vanunu. Plame was “burned” as an American spy, burned by the Bush administration. Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff, “Scooter” Libby (Liebowitz) was convicted of the crime but received a pardon from President Bush.

Plame wasn’t looking for “yellow cake” uranium from Niger, she was looking for lost nuclear weapons. When she got close, she was destroyed and then silenced by the Justice Department. Dr. David Kelly was a weapons scientist in Britain until his very unexpected suicide while trying to report wrongdoing tied to missing nuclear weapons, wrongdoing he attributed directly to Prime Minister Tony Blair. A secret investigation currently being conducted has ruled his death a murder and top members of government, from Blair downward are being grilled about, not only this, but missing nuclear weapons, a subject newspapers are being threatened to stay silent on daily.

Mordechai Vanunu is a nuclear weapons specialist who worked at the illegal Dimona facility in Israel. When he fled the country and alerted the world about the nuclear program there, he was kidnapped, returned to Israel and put in solitary confinement for 18 years. He has been under house arrest or in solitary confinement after his release. He is currently locked in a small cell in a secret prison in Israel for talking to someone not on his official list of contacts.

These three people and a number of people behind them hold the key to the biggest story in recent years, a massive worldwide coverup so frightening it is treated almost as though it was involved secret UFO landings. Not everyone has all the information. Some key figures are waiting for the results of the investigations going on in London now, the findings of which will be above top secret.

Stories are leaking out and some have been reported over the years, labeled “conspiracy theory” but partially accurate, at least in some of the most frightening facts, but also filled with conjecture and wrong conclusions. The same stories went to all the major news sources along with documents and reliable first hand testimony from people like, well, Dr. David Kelly, murder victim.

There is nothing more dangerous than a journalist in love with their own ideas. Anything can be falsified, as we saw in the videos Israel released after the Mavi Marmara incident showing cheap special effects with people walking through walls. Any piece of paper, using simple technology, can be created with ease and any person interviewed can lie, most do, especially those with political or military careers. What has happened is that journalists in the United Kingdom and around the world have been receiving information, some from highly placed sources, first person testimony and much backed by documentation. The results haven’t been a solid conspiracy but a mosaic of facts, some proven, some very likely and some questionable.

As a reader, a citizen and a person concerned for the safety of family and friends, the information if shocking but incomplete. Let’s start with what we know.


The story isn’t about politics as much as the international trade in weapons. As weapons, particularly the “mass destruction” kind, can alter history, the politics are sure to follow. We will start with Israel, the first “high threat” small nation to have nuclear weapons. A fact we know is that Britain, in the 1960s, sold a small amount of plutonium to Israel for use in experiments in nuclear weapon design. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan authorized this extremely illegal act. We also know that the CIA informed President Kennedy that Israel was building nuclear weapons at their “peaceful” Dimona reactor. Kennedy demanded to inspect the reactor, a demand refused. By far, the most likely reason for the killings of John and Robert Kennedy was their opposition to these weapons. All other reasons given, when even examined superficially, are simply silly.

What we do know for sure is that people who have held evidence on Israeli involvement in the Kennedy killings have been subjected to decades of well documented assaults, everything from stalking to murder of family members. Documentation on this is extensive and has long been in the hands of federal authorities up to and including the President of the United States.

There is considerable evidence that “Israeli Firsters” in the United States shipped significant amounts of plutonium to Israel. When the information leaked out, cover stories listing 6.5 tons were put out by Israel as part of their “junkyard dog” scare tactics. However, the figures on bomb production given to the British press by Mordechai Vanunu indicate that US produced fissionable material has made up the basis for Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

In addition, the Soviet Union is believed to have delivered tactical nuclear weapons to Israel in return for information supplied by Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, information such as launch codes, NATO battle plans, locations of American strategic weapons and the names of every CIA operative in the world. The US admits that 110 CIA agents lost their lives because of Israeli spying in the 1980s.

When the US took the Davy Crockett shoulder fired nuclear weapons out of service, some of these were transferred to Israel, though how, we have no idea. These were shown to US military officers on a “top secret” tour a few years ago and some familiar with out dated US weapons recognized them as American. The internet experts who continually rant on about the smallest nuclear weapon weighing three tons or more need to know that “Special Weapons Officers” regularly parachute with “nuclear munitions.”

During the 1970s, Israel and South Africa joined in a program to develop, not only nuclear weapons but biological and chemical weapons as well. Working closely with them were the following countries: Iran, Libya, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and North Korea.

We know for certain that ten nuclear weapons were built in South Africa, six of which were dismantled, one tested on September 22, 1979. Of the remaining three, one was detonated in North Korea on May 25, 2009. The three weapons, at the time in possession of Great Britain, 1991, were stolen and the whereabouts of the remaining two “Hiroshima sized” nuclear weapons is unknown. We also know, for certain, that Israel informed the Bush administration that these weapons were in the possession of Saddam Hussein, information that led to the invasion of Iraq. This information was totally false. Israel then told the US, while the invasion was on, that the weapons were being moved to Syria. This was also false, proven by US detection devices. Israel has since claimed these remaining nuclear weapons are either in Iran, Syria, Lebanon or Gaza.

A fact, Pakistan has never been involved in nuclear proliferation and Dr. A. Q. Khan is a patsy covering for another group at the demand of the United States. This is not conjecture.

When news services were told that 3 more nuclear weapons, thermonuclear W69 warheads, 3 or as many as 8, had “gone missing” from a damaged B-52 that crashed off Diego Garcia in 1990, few took it seriously, especially after vigorous denials by the United States. These weapons are plutonium based hydrogen bombs, out dated at the time, unstable and requiring regular servicing to replace the tritium gas necessary to trigger the second stage that makes these so much more deadly than simple fission devices.

The stories about these weapons have been reported in one variation or another for years with fact and fancy mixed to the point where no one takes this threat seriously. The stories of these missing American hydrogen bombs has been sent to every major news service in the world. Some don’t believe the stories and others have been threatened if they attempt to publish them. When we were told these weapons, three American hydrogen bombs, were ejected from a B-52 off the coast of Somalia we found the idea unlikely. When the names of those involved in the recovery, shipment and sale came up and we were able to directly verify many of the facts, we began to reconsider.

Aging hydrogen bombs are useless unless “recharged” every seven years, something only a nuclear state is capable of. However, they can be used for weapons such as the August 18, 2006 North Korean plutonium bomb that failed. North Korea is incapable of producing any plutonium, thus a plutonium bomb, especially one that proved ineffective, such as this one with an explosion of less than one kiloton, may have been a “Rube Goldberg” device made from an unserviced American weapon, in fact this is extremely likely. With North Korea exploding one fully verified nuclear weapon build by Israel and South Africa and an earlier failure that was certainly an aging unserviced device from another nuclear power, a pattern emerges. Some country is supplying North Korea with weapons to publicly test, for the purpose of creating political instability in the world.

Four nations are being actively investigated for these violations: South Africa, Pakistan, Israel and Iran.

There is no scientific proof, not available for publishing, that establishes the first plutonium device detonated by North Korea in 2006 as being an American W-69. However, intelligence agencies, since 1990, have scoured the planet offering nuclear triggering devices to any buyer, as part of sting operations. It is believed by many that Dr. A. Q. Khan of Pakistan assisted in this intelligence effort.

With a proper triggering device, even an aging W69 warhead could be converted from its thermonuclear state to a configuration similar to the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, but much more powerful.


Britain’s concern is the Israeli/South African weapons, three of which it took into possession in 1990. Current Prime Minister David Cameron, then a member of parliament, was involved in the negotiations and Dr. David Kelly made the arrangements.

Funding authorizations were signed personally by Margaret Thatcher in a classified document referring to the bombs as “cylinders.”

We are told by informants tied to the highest levels of the British security services that the current closed hearings are not just to determine who is responsible for the death of Dr. David Kelley, who we have also been informed was not just ready to inform on Tony Blair falsifying intelligence leading up to the war but on much wider areas.

The David Kelley “suicide” is one of the most famous in British history. Kelley is said to have killed himself after being attacked on the BBC for saying Tony Blair lied about WMD’s. Were people who know Tony Blair to have lied to have killed themselves, all of them, our planet might today be barren of human life entirely. Kelley’s involvement in South Africa was twofold. He investigated relationships between Russia and the Mossad in South Africa tied to, not only the manufacture of illegal germ warfare weapons but their use as well. The South Africa Truth Commission outlined instances where bio-weapons were deployed in Africa in a program involving Israel, Libya and Russia. The program which also developed a number of crop diseases is said to have relocated, not to Iraq as claimed, but to Israel. In fact, all of the programs said by Bush and Blair to have been in Iraq were, in fact, South African and later relocated in Israel. Iraq had used bio-weapons and gas but had purchased these weapons from brokers involved in Iran-Contra with ties to, not only South Africa and Rhodesia but Israel and the United States as well.

The South African Truth Commission also released in their report that the United States, not only purchased poison gas from South Africa but deployed it in Iraq, gas which may well have indirectly poisoned hundreds of thousands of American soldiers. Invoices for purchases of BZ gas by the United States and evidence of its use in Iraq are currently in the public domain.


The Kelly death, though ruled a suicide despite the fact all forensic evidence indicated otherwise, was actually blamed on Iraq by Ahmed Chalabi, fabricator of much of the false evidence NATO troops followed across Iraq, from one imaginary sight to another in their fruitless search for weapons labs, a story outlined in the recent film, Green Zone. Kelley was found in a wooded area in Oxfordshire, an area 40 some miles outside London. Around the body were packets of harmless arthritis medications and a half filled bottle of Evian spring water. Autopsy results show a minuscule amount of medication in his body and injuries inflicted by a dull kitchen paring knife, injuries not potentially fatal. Kelly had told of being stalked by security services, of a recent break-in and how he had been warned to keep silent or he faced being “found dead in the woods somewhere.”

Informants who tie this murder to weapons of mass destruction, some to Israeli involvement and others to stolen nuclear weapons sold to North Korea, a crime Israel is suspected of, have amazing pedigrees. Nearly all are full fledged “James Bond” types from the highest levels of the intelligence services or directly tied to companies long involved in support of covert operations. This is a group of people who have “royals” on speed dial.


The missing nuclear weapons that Dr. David Kelly was directly involved in moving from South African and Israeli hands to British custody are one of the biggest secrets in recent history. That they were stolen and one of the weapons exploded in North Korea, a fact verified by western intelligence services, would be a security concern but is also a serious crime. Britain has a law called The Nuclear Explosions Act. This law states that if any “British resident” has knowledge of a nuclear explosion not involved in a war, they may be imprisoned for life, initially even without trial. The purpose of the law was to punish any British citizen or resident who got involved in trading nuclear weapons or hiding information.

One British citizen is at the center of this enquiry, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, tied to allegations that he had been briefed in 1997 about missing nuclear weapons and failed to act to recover them. Stories coming in list mysterious campaign donations, millions, from foreign arms dealers, not just to Blair but even earlier on, funding John Major’s campaign as well. The British “spooks” pressing stories on the papers, stories still largely suppressed, have much of Britain’s government involved in running interference for these illicit nuclear weapons.

Remember, there are two sets, one heading out of Oman, the “Hiroshima” sized nukes and the other out of Somalia. This is where it gets tricky. Word out of Somalia confirms, not only a possible recovery of nukes, done by a South African diving group claiming to be on a treasure hunt and more confirmations have prominent white South African politicians contacting sources for, not only triggers but special equipment to load and ship the weapons as well, dealing with companies known and backed by reliable testimony.

Another story says the US went after these nukes when they were shipping through Kenya and blew up an embassy blaming Osama bin Laden. No hard confirmations but they are expected. If this is true, everything Americans have been told about Al Qaeda is a total fiction, covering a “broken arrow” operation that has been ongoing for well over two decades.


When “lost nuke” recovery team leader Valerie Plame was framed by Republicans close to President Bush, was this to cover Bush or Tony Blair or Israel. The Plame “outing” puts the lost nukes in Israel. None of the other possible countries that could be holding the weapons would get White House protection. Plame got too close but couldn’t be murdered like Dr. David Kelly, not with a husband that had the kind of political connections that Plame has.

How many stories in the news have been nothing but cover for one half baked attempt after another to recover nuclear weapons that may be in South Africa, perhaps at the bottom of a mine with the Israeli nuclear arsenal rumored to be stored there? Remember when a B-52 filled with nukes showed up at Barksdale Air Force Base, all by accident, a “bent arrow” misplaced nuke gambit supposedly a mutiny of top Air Force officials who refused to take part in moving these weapons forward to Diego Garcia? Ever wonder why such a story was never made into a movie of the week for the Hallmark Channel?

No, the end of the story isn’t here. Investigations are ongoing, only in Britain. We will never know what they reveal, well, that’s not true. I will get a call. Will I hear the truth?

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.