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Monday, 8 October 2012

Evangelicals, excluded from proposed Russian religious hatred law, voice displeasure


RUSSIA, increasingly sinking into a mire of religious fervour, is apparently contemplating a new law that would carry a three-year jail sentence for anyone insulting any of the four recognised religions in the country: Russian orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.

According to this Persecution Blog report, if such a law is enforced, life will be made intolerable for evangelical Christians.

Wally Kulakoff, a representative of Russian Ministries in Moscow, said that, because the Duma has openly proclaimed that there are only four traditional religions in Russia, Protestants are left out in the cold.

Kulakoff pointed out that evangelical Christians insult many when they say God had a son

He became the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Islam says that they have a god who does not have a son, and anyone who claims God had a son has no right to live on this earth. Now, who is insulting who

Kulakoff added:

Non-traditional religion in Russia with be chastised, prohibited, [and] will have to go underground. There will be no room for the Protestant church

Russian Ministries School is training next-generation church leaders – young people who are already leaders in their community. If this law is passed and it’s interpreted harshly, Kulakoff says:

Then Russian Ministries’ School Without Walls goes underground and will continue to have an impact, but in another form. Rather than [operating] openly, it’ll be more excluded and secluded.
Kulakoff warned that the proposed law could have far-reaching impact, saying that the greatest insult to the Orthodox Church is to have a Bible translation that they didn’t authorise

That means Russia will say you can only use one Bible …  the more modern, the more contemporary translations will be illegal

[This is clearly a response to the hypocrisy of the west - just a different set of red lines]

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