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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Why Horst Mahler is not Voluntarily Returning to Prison

19 APRIL 2017

Are you going voluntarily to prison? No!

The devil's disciples, who are doing their satanic work in the Federal Republic in very many high places, now want to strike a final blow against Horst Mahler, to accelerate his death so he dies in prison.

Mr. Mahler has therefore made the right decision - he has sort political asylum abroad.

What does it mean for us? [Should we] stop the protest against this scandal? No!

Mr. Mahler has sacrificed many years of his life for our people and is not to be allowed to live his own life in his homeland? Shall we, pay the price for seeking truth and freedom for our people in exile?

We must now increase the scale [of this struggle] and continue the fight for the freedom of our people. We must show the decent people in our country who are the agents of the devil in the judiciary, politics and the economy in order to enable them to recognize the truth and to resist.

Freedom for Horst Mahler - freedom for Germany!

Horst Mahler on April 19, 2017 - Declaration

Source:- Enderluege Blog

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