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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Google translation from Spanish with some further amendments to make it intelligible:-

This Morning, Pedro Varela was taken by police [from prison] to his bookshop [in Barcelona] to witness the seizure of the twelve remaining copies of the book - "Mein Kampf". The order came from the Prosecution "reactivated" by the German state of Bavaria, which owns all rights for publishing and distribution of Adolf Hitler's book until 2015. This is a poor excuse considering that the first edition of this book was published 86 years ago in Spain in 1937. So far no one had claimed any rights. What a coincidence!

They also confiscated all the computers in the library where they were files for billing, customer lists and layouts all types of books ready for printing.

After an half an hour search of the property Pedro Varela's was taken away by police car and returned to his cell.

So we can see the imprisonment of the bookseller is not enough for them - they seek to prevent the continuation of the bookshop at all costs

The bookshop supporters are completely disheartened, as without the computers no work can be done. We ask all the support and encouragement possible for those who still believe in freedom of expression.

Our indignation should be transformed into solidarity and courage to endure with dignity these attacks which seek to undermine our morale.

No one can talk about democracy now...

Thank you all in advance [for your support].

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