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Monday, 7 June 2010

Holocaust Tall Stories

One More Nail In The Coffin of the Hoax

Slowly but surely, a little bit here and a little bit there, the great Holohoax is being chipped away.

United Press International reports from Montreal: "Officials in Montreal said they found no human remains in a swastika-imprinted bar of soap a store-owner alleged was made from Holocaust victims' fat. The soap and the Montreal man's claim created concern in the city's Jewish community in March when the soap's existence was revealed, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Wednesday."

"The shopkeeper, who is Jewish, said he got the soap from a soldier who served in the war.' (Of course he did.) Montreal police sent the soap to a laboratory for DNA testing, the CBC said. Results indicated the bar contained neither animal nor human remains.

"Police said the shop-owner likely won't face fraud charges for misrepresenting the soap."

You bet your bippy he won't, because that would open the door to the whole question of the Holocaust myth and how much of it is valid. In any such trial, it would be very difficult for any judge to keep out of evidence at least some kind of "proof" that any human soap-making existed in Nazi Germany at all. Since nothing of the kind ever occurred, you can see the problem.

I am in fact amazed that anyone even challenged this Jew store owner on his alleged "human soap." In Canada of all places, any discussion of the Holohoax other than mindless regurgitation of the OJV (Official Jewish Version) is forbidden. Ask Ernst Zundel what happens to Canadians who challenge the myth of the six million.

The soap-making atrocity story actually has its origin in the 18th century, when the French philosopher Voltaire accused Frederick the Great of Prussia of boiling down the corpses of his own soldiers to make soap. The idea that the Nazis made soap out of Jewish fat is one of the older myths about the Second World War which is usually now quietly disregarded even by "legitimate" historians, since not one jot of proof has ever been discovered and any attempt to fake such a thing could be disproven by modern day science, as indeed this fraud has been.

In any case, the whole idea is patently absurd. After all, the purpose of bathing with soap is to get clean.

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