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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Are German politicians beginning to show backbone toward predatory Jewish financiers?

CSU-Gauweiler beschuldigt die “heimliche jüdische Weltregierung” des globalen Finanz-Hexentanzes, der uns alle vernichtet Gauweiler of the CSU Party blames the secret Jewish world government for the “Witches’ Dance” that is destroying the world economy. In doing so, he entirely confirms the National Journal analysis! By the authors of the National Journal Translated by J M Damon [Are German politicians beginning to show backbone toward predatory Jewish financiers?] Until the last minute, Peter Gauweiler attempted to block the tribute payments by Christian Wullf, President of our so-called Federal Parliament (the tribute that had been guaranteed by the abject head-nodders in our less-than-august legislative body.) Wulff had expressed his opposition to tribute payments in his Lindau Speech, but as always he dutifully did what the Lobby commanded, and so our Decline and Fall continues on its inevitable course. Gauweiler will probably be elected acting head of the CSU in Bavaria this fall, and party members are hoping that he can regain the voters’ trust and confidence that the lobby vassal and champion liar Horst Seehofer destroyed as Minister President. This is significant because Gauweiler achieved fame as a critic of the EU and is considered a hero in parts of the “Federal Republic.” In order to regain the confidence of disillusioned voters, Gauweiler states clearly that if matters are left to the likes of Merkel, Schäuble, Steinbrück, Trittin and Seehofer, the Lobby [pro Zionist faction] will soon confiscate everything Germany has. In Gauweiler’s words: “The truth is that we must vigorously resist having our basic rights chiseled away and the same is true of our wealth.” He answers the question of who is taking away Germany’s wealth just as openly. Instead of “finance Jews” however, he uses the expression “Manhattan,” since everyone knows that Wall Street is the world Jewish stronghold: “Today the danger comes from neocollectivist institutions, as ever more wealth is being removed from the control and disposition of the individual. Today, wealth is collectivized, anonymized, mortgaged, hocked and converted to credit guarantees and wagers on the failure of banks, conglomerates and entire states; and then it is sloshed through the stock-markets of the world. The headquarters of the New Collectivism is not in Moscow as in days gone by, but rather Manhattan. But the New Collectivism is as great a threat to property rights as was the Old Collectivism, especially as regards disposition of property.” (Quotation from BILD Magazine, 2 October 2011) We at the National Journal believe that ultimately, Germany’s occupation government will sign over the entirety of German assets to world Jewry as security against the nonredemption of Jewish speculative debts. Jews have officially demanded this often in the past. Thus Henryk Broder demanded “Give Schleswig-Holstein to the Jews” in 2010, while 36-year-old Israeli Ronen Eidelman announced “There should be a Jewish state in Weimar” in 2009. The Rothschilds demanded that Germany be handed over to them even before the Power Jews initiated World War II, and on 22 October 1939 Lionel de Rothschild urged Churchill’s secretary, John Colville, to define England’s war aim as “Divide the Germans among the other nations of the world and leave Germany to the Jews.” (See Downing Street Diaries, 1939-45, Siedler Verlag, Berlin 1988, page 31.) The guarantees for Germany’s gambling debts originate in the Federal Republic’s policy of insuring not only the speculative risks that the European Union countries have racked up with Wall Street, but the risks of the EU banks as well. When banksters, financiers and politicians use the term “Investment” nowadays they are not talking about something such as products with real commercial or industrial value, but rather “Investment” in the sense of a Goldman-Sachs speculation in abstract and unknown commodities. German state banks “invested” specifically in Goldman-Sachs subprime mortgages. While the “German idiots” (Greg Lippman’s favorite expression) were “investing” in Goldman-Sachs speculations, his fellow Jew Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) arranged for his fellow Jew John Paulson (President of Paulson & Co. Hedge Fund) to bet against the German banks. Greg Lippman was the global head of DEUTSCHE BANK mortgage backed securities called collateralized debt obligations or CDOs. He was wagering against the CDO market while Deutsche Bank was selling and promoting CDOs! [See ] The favorite customers of Blankfein and consorts were found in “...that entity, so cherished in world finance markets, that goes under the sobriquet of ‘Stupid German Money,’ namely the German State Banks.” (DIE WELT, 10 September 2011, page 5) While Blankfein was persuading German state banks and government organizations such as KREDITANSTALT FÜR WIEDERAUFBAU and DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIE BANK to back billions in “investments” offered by “third parties,” his accomplice John Paulson was wagering on the collapse of these same “investments.” “Goldman Wagered Against Its Own Customers” is the title of the article on Page 23 of SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG for 28 April 2010. Paulson did in fact have his fellow Jew Blankfein develop the concept for a fifteen million dollar swindle of Blankfein’s customers. Of course Blankfein was happy to deliver the coveted “paper.” This explains how they organized the collapse of the global finance market to win the wagers against the “stupid Germans.” The collapse of Goldman-Sachs “Investments” such as CDOs flushed billions of dollars into the pockets of these banksters, while our so-called “Federal Republic” was the principal backer of the swindle. Furthermore the swindle is still going on today with CDS (credit default swap) wagers against the Euro countries. Even the Establishment SPIEGEL magazine openly admits that such devastation is part of the war that Wall Street is conducting against the German VOLK. The Lehman campaign of plunder, which our “Federal Republic” encouraged with special laws, is in fact considered “collateral damage of a modern war.” (SPIEGEL, November 2009, page 42.) As expected, our “Lobby Democrats” [pro Zionist faction] openly side with the war dogs attacking our people. This fifth column in our government passed the laws that made it possible for gangs of Wall Street freebooters to gain a stunning victory in their all-out war of conquest. Our so-called “Federal Republic” backed the payout of these wagers to Blankfein and the rest of his tribe with its so-called BANKENRETTUNG (Bank Rescue). Today it is backing new wagers in the trillions through its so-called EURO-RETTUNGSSCHIRME (Euro rescue package.) Since banks in the age of Globlism are allowed to wager unlimited trillions in speculative “investment” gambling schemes, the amount of fiat money created out of thin air is increasing at lightning speed. Formerly, banks were allowed to lend only as much money as was already in circulation, but today banks are allowed to guarantee any amount they want to - it can be a million times the Gross Domestic Product! Banks are no longer required to balance their wagers, or even to identify them. Only Wall Street can win such wagers as these, and when banks fail because of their “investing” in outlandish gambling schemes, suddenly the call reverberates through the halls of our government: “Save the Banks! Re-capitalize the Banks!” However, these banks did not become insolvent because of irresponsible borrowing on the part of taxpayers, either employers or employees. They became insolvent because the banks gambled everything in a stupendous shell game. Now a mountain of money is being put into circulation (initially electronically, though “digital dollars”) that is bound to release hyperinflation such as we have never seen. Peter Gauweiler makes this very clear: “According to the International Monetary Fund, the Gross World Product (the value of all goods and services produced in all countries combined) amounted to a little over 60 trillion dollars in 2010. In a single month of the same year, however, the total of financial transactions amounted to over 900 trillion dollars. And yet the already hopelessly indebted EU countries believe (or say they believe) that they can take on still more massive debt by protecting themselves with a little umbrella of 750 billion Euros!” It is significant that Gauweiler confirms the National Journal’s analysis. We have repeatedly pointed out that it is actually quintillions in speculative debt that are being tied like millstones around German necks for a thousand generations to come. Few people wanted to believe it, but now our analysis has been confirmed by no less a person than Peter Gauweiler, the well-known Euro critic and CSU leader. In just one month in 2010, more than 900 trillion dollars in wagers were guaranteed for the benefit of Wall Street. As Gauweiler confirms, our “Federal Republic” is paying for the entire global gambling hysteria. The “Federal Republic” people believe that that can pay off the 12 quintillion dollars in total speculative wagers from the year 2010 with their little “umbrellas!” Gauweiler the CSU man actually went still further than this in his interview. If he had just named the Wall Street gang as the guilty ones, that alone would have been enough to make clear just who wants our blood. But he was more precise and went further than that. He characterized these gigantic predators on mankind as the “boys from Park Avenue” who are bringing about the global calamity: “Sometime soon, the Boys in Park Avenue will be wagering on the end of the world... They keep on irresponsibly producing ever greater torrents of money.” Gauweiler points out that every new “rescue package” is already obsolete and inadequate as soon as the BUNDESTAG passes it, since reckless financial culprits by then have already created “ever more gigantic torrents of money.” Gauweiler does not hesitate to call the culprits by their name: “THE BOYS FROM PARK AVENUE,” more precisely the Pratt House on Park Avenue in New York. Pratt House is the residence of America’s secret world government called CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations. [See “AMERIKAS HEIMLICHE WELTREGIERUNG” (America’s Secret World Government), a film by Wilhelm Bittorf, which was broadcast by ARD Broadcasting Co., Programm 1, 26 November 1975 at 8:15 pm.] Gauweiler had something very specific and significant in mind when he characterized the CFR as the puppet-master of the global calamity. After all, the bosses of this “secret world government” are Jews holding Israeli passports. The CFR Board of Directors reads like a “Who’s Who” of world Jewry. Its president is the hardcore Zionist Richard Haass and its vice-presidents are Richard E. Salomon, Robert E. Rubin and Carla A. Hillls, all equally hardcore. There does not have to be a financial crisis, certainly not an economic crisis. There need be no unemployed, no credit crunch and no poverty. The hireling Lobby politicians in our parliament would simply have to change sides and represent the interests of the German people for a change. They could simply erase the computer-generated trillions in speculative debt, and our nightmare would be over. It would be like switching on the lights in a dark room. However, such courage is not to be expected from such abject vassals. Only the NPD (National Party of Germany) would have the courage to jail the Lobby swindlers and their managers wherever and whenever they can be apprehended. Only by adopting the policies of the NPD can the Lobby hirelings do partial penance for the immense guilt they have heaped on themselves. [NOTE: The Gauweiler quotations are from BILD Magazine for 2 October 2011] **************** This article is available on request in MS Word Format **************** The translator is a Germanophilic Germanist who translates noteworthy articles by German dissidents for his fellow Germanophiles who do not read German. **************** Here's freedom to him who would speak, Here's freedom to him who would write; For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard, Save him whom the truth would indict! ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)

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