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Sunday, 24 July 2011

ISRAEL Attacks Norway

Subject: Israel attacks Norway

Date of attack 7 / 22 / 11 They have their Masonic mind contol victim as a patsy. He was a member of Masonic lodge in Norway. Multiple shooters now reported by victims. 90 dead at youth camp, they had just held a pro- palestinian rally days earlier. Shooting unarmed children - nothing new , they do it in Gaza and WB all the time. Sick creatures

NORWAY + ISRAEL = Unfavourable Relations
Norway targeted by mossad for not doing exactly what they are told by bombastic yiddish-khazar masters who use freemason as patsy!

Unraveling Anders Behring Breivik

Zionists admit Breivik is Fjordman! Breivik, Rightist Mass Murderer, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Contributor

Anders Behring Breivik: “Christian Fundamentalist”
Non-”Al-Qaeda” Ultra-Rightwing Fundamentalist White Boy Hitting Norwegian Liberals

91 people killed–The first thing he did was shoot the cutest girl he saw–Eyewitness to VG

Mossad Mauls Norway
Norway Bombing Has Stench Of Mossad All Over It!

Norwegian attack, three targets one lone nut? I doubt it.
UPDATE: Were Murdoch's MOSSAD Buddies Behind the Norway Blasts?
Wayne Madsen on the Oslo Attacks: Israel's Mossad Did It
"You will not bomb us into silence" - Norway
Israeli ‘Venegeance’ strikes Oslo
A puzzling day in Norway
News Corpse's The Sun calls it 'Al-Qaeda massacre' 'Norway's 9/11' right on the front page... Ha Ha
Musique's image take ...

Subject: motives for Oslo bombs

Yet another motive for Oslo bombs - Norway pension fund divested Israeli shares.
Oslo says EUR450bn oil fund has excluded two Israeli firms for ethical reasons.

Webmaster's Commentary:
Norway wanted to support a Palestinian state at the UN

Norway is pulling out of the Libya invasion.

Norway divested Israeli stock.

Strike three, and you're OUTTATHERE!!!!!!!

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