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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jews play the victim to fool the gullible goyim

Date: December 17, 2010 12:45:54 PM EST

Whenever the Jews are caught with their pants down on the facts, they resort to certain standard responses. Thus, whenever confronted with the Jewish involvement in Communism or the slave trade, they will assert that the facts are taken out of context, that only a small minority of Jews are involved in such activities, that the facts may be true of one specific instance but not all instances, that the behavior was the product of unique historical circumstances or of oppression, etc. In short, every possible excuse is trotted out of the closet. But never, ever, do Jews concede: “Yes, it’s true. We did it.” Jews have refined these techniques to a fine art. Jews who were Communists were non-Jewish Jews who repudiated their Jewishness; Zionists who invaded Palestine were somehow the victims of the Arabs they were dispossessing; Jews in Russia sex slaving women were victims of Czarist oppression; Jewish tax collectors gouging on commission were merely doing the king’s bidding, not robbing the citizen’s blind, on and on it goes.

The one constant in all the bullshit is that Jews are always innocent. Always – that is axiomatic. To reach any other conclusion is anti-Semitism. What anti-Semitism means is: Jews are always innocent regardless of the facts. Facts cannot be used to convict Jews of any collective offense. This is true because Jews say so. If you think otherwise you are an irrational bigot no matter what the evidence shows. Anti-Semitism is innocence by proclamation. Innocence by proclamation cannot be enforced by evidence; it can only be enforced by fear. The implied threat behind innocence by proclamation is: If you do not buy it, your career will be destroyed. You will become an unemployable social outcast. And that is why people tremble before the accusation of anti-Semitism. It is a threat – and one that will be enforced.

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