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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ancient Aryan settlements found in Siberia

Ancient Aryan settlements found in Siberia

It is interesting to observe contemporary Iranians freely using the term
"Aryan." Here, in Zionist-controlled USA, it's virtually forbidden to speak
of Aryans, because we've all been taught that — essentially — there's
no such thing as an Aryan. Simply by altering the language, Jews have
rendered 19th-century common knowledge incomprehensible to 21st-
century Europeans and Americans. — S.S.

Aryan settlements found in Siberia
Press TV Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010

TEHRAN — Archaeologists have unearthed ancient settlements in southern
Siberia, which they believe were built by the original Aryan race about
4,000 years ago.

Some 20 of the spiral-shaped settlements were found in a remote area
bordering Kazakhstan and date back to the beginning of Western civilization
in Europe.

Experts say the Bronze-age structures might have been built by Aryans
shortly after the Great Pyramid was constructed some 4,000 years ago.

"Potentially, this could rival ancient Greece in the age of the heroes,"
Daily Mail quoted TV historian Bettany Hughes as saying.

"Because I have written a lot about the Bronze Age world, there always
seemed to be this huge missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle," she added.

Remains of the ancient city were first explored around 20 years ago and
studies showed that it would have housed between 1,000 and 200 people.

The language spoken by the Aryan people has been identified as the ancestor
of some modern European tongues. Some English words, for instance, such
as "brother," "oxen" and "guest" have been traced back to the Aryans.

"We are all told that there is this kind of mother tongue, proto-Indo-European,
from which all the languages we know emerge,” Hughes said.

"I was very excited to hear on the archaeological grapevine that in exactly
the period I am an expert in, this whole new Bronze Age civilization had been
discovered on the steppe of southern Siberia."

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