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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monsanto's Toxic Milk - Banned in Europe

Monsanto's Toxic Milk - Banned in Europe
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U.S. Milk Banned in Europe
Posted by JodyG on April 29, 2010

For as long as I can remember, milk has been advertised as a product that "does a body good". Perhaps the time has come to question the validity of this statement. A couple months ago, I wrote a blog about the continued debate over whether or not individuals should have the right to access, buy, and consume raw milk. There are growing numbers of people who believe raw milk can not only help maintain health but can also cure a huge range of illnesses. Of course, there are also many who remain either skeptical or even outraged by these claims. I suggested in my post that pasteurized milk, because of its highly processed nature, may in fact be causing health issues and have recently found news that further supports this claim. In fact, European governments have deemed U.S produced milk so dangerous that they have banned it completely.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, author, professor of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, recently discussed cancer prevention with Dr. Joseph Mercola, leading health activist in the field of alternative healthcare. Their discussion focused on several health dangers that currently receive little attention, one of which is milk.

What should we know about milk in this country?

Much of American milk is genetically modified, meaning it contains a genetically modified bovine growth hormone called rBGH. American dairy farmers inject rBGH into dairy cows to increase milk production. Milk that has been produced in this way contains very high levels of a natural growth factor known as IGF-1. Roughly 20 publications have shown that increased levels of this growth factor increases risks of breast cancer, 10 publications show that it increases risk of colon cancer, and another 10 show that it increases risk of prostate cancer. Besides risks for humans it also causes extreme sickness, and often death, for the cows themselves.

After some of these major concerns were expressed in 1999, the United Nations Food and Safety Agency, representing a hundred nations worldwide, unanimously decided not to set safety standards for rBGH milk, resulting in an international ban on U.S. milk. As far as milk in the states in concerned, the FDA has prohibited retailers from labeling a product "hormone free", claiming that such a label could be misleading (in other words, the label would suggest that milk produced with hormones is bad, possibly causing a decrease in sales for major commerical dairy companies).

Take a look at these articles for more information:

A Needless New Risk of Breast Cancer
FDA Allows Genetically Modified rBGH to Endanger Milk

So what can we do to make change, and/or to make sure we still have an option to consume naturally healthy dairy products?

Check out this article from the Weston Price foundation where the author suggests completely eliminating commercial milk from your diet, and then finding a source of real milk in your area. The article also gives a much more in depth look at the production process for milk products in this country. As health activists, besides educating ourselves, we can also make the FDA aware that we disapprove of their restrictions on labeling.

Are there any other steps we can take to increase awareness about this issue? Would you like to see labels on milk products that contains hormones or do you think the issue is not worth the fight?

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